How to Help a Friend is Facing Marital Problems?

“The secret to a happy marriage is if you can be at peace with someone within four walls.” Marriages might be made in heaven but it has to be lived on Earth; where marital problems and solutions both exist. In case of marriages there is no happily ever after as in novels. Each day is a struggle and unless both husband and wife contribute and compromise, the marriage will be on shaky grounds. It is especially true in urban areas where the stress of work and hassles of day to day life. Some of the common causes of dispute in a marriage are as given below:

  • Financial matters:

One of the most common marriage problems are stress and disputes over money. Fighting over money entails different salaries of the spouses and different concepts of managing and spending wealth. These fights are aggravated during tough economic times.

  • Children:

Disputes relating to children can have two meanings. One, when one of the spouses gives more attention to a child than their spouse, and two, when a couple fails to procreate. Taking care of children reduces the time for couples to bond.

  • Job-related stress:

Daily stress can affect the relationship by testing the patience and hope of the couples. Busy schedules are yet another reason for marriage problems. As couples have less time for themselves there is a lack of bonding. In case a spouse is constantly travelling this stress adds up to the problems.

  • Bad habits:

At time one person in a relationship may fall into a bad habit that annoys their partner. One such example is alcoholism.

  • Lack of communication:

This is the biggest problem in any relationship, especially in a marriage. Lack of communication or negative communication affects the working dynamics of a couple.

Marital problems and solutions often involve the support of a trust worthy friend, one with whom the affected partner(s) can share their point of view with. So, how to help a friend who is facing marital problems? Here are a few things friends can do to save a friend’s marriage:

  • Encourage them to spend time with family:

The issues in marriage may sometimes be caused instantly and at times gradually. A friend can suggest ways for the couple to spend time together, take a break from work, etc.

  • Find support groups:

Use various sources to find support groups and ensure that the couples participate in them.

  • Be patient and listen:

Sometimes people just need to talk to someone about their problems. Listen to their woes.

Friends can also suggest the distressed couple Vastu for marriage. Anyone can go for a counseling session, but if they come back to a home that is filled with negativity, then the end purpose is not met. Although Vastu tips should be sought from an expert, here are some common tips:

  • Directions:

In Vastu shastra, directions are very important. Right from seeing the prospective bride/groom for the first time to the sleeping direction of the couple, everything has to be done as per favorable directions of individuals.

  • Wall colors:

The walls of the bed room must be painted with soothing colors such as blue, green etc. The colors also depend on the birth chart of the couples.

  • Paintings:

Avoid aggressive images or paintings such as wild animals or deities in their aggressive incarnations in the bedroom. The paintings in the bedroom must have a soothing effect.

  • Beds:

Replace the metal beds with plastic or wooden beds.

  • Bedroom door:

The door of the bedroom should be able to open fully without any squeaky noise. Make sure that the furniture does not block the door.

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