How to Keep Your 7 Chakras Balanced?

Chakras and Vastu are ancient India’s greatest gifts to the world. Both these ancient sciences, on their own or collectively, ensures a life that is in harmony and peace with oneself and the surroundings. Just like meditation and yoga, balanced chakras connect a person to the cosmic powers that surrounds every entity. Yoga and meditation are actually parts of Chakra therapy (the art of the 7 chakras balance). The body contains seven chakra or seven points of subtle energy. Even if one of these chakras is imbalanced it hampers the smooth functioning of the body as well as the mind. For the mind and the body to be at rest and peace all the seven chakras need to be balanced.

Vastu shastra is yet another ancient Indian science that deals with harnessing the surrounding energies to work in favor of the humans. Vastu shastra not only enhances the energies at home but also in workplaces including offices, showrooms, shops, factories, workshops, etc. Making these places Vastu compliant ensures the smooth flow of positive energies which then empowers the employees to work to their full potential. Vastu shastra is also beneficial for the 7 chakras balanced. By following the principles of Vastu, anyone can gradually achieve chakra balancing. Following are some of the key principles of Vastu shastra that leads to chakra balancing:

  • Place your head in your 2nd favorable direction while sleeping as it will activate all the seven chakras and help improve any health related issues. Every human being has four favorable and four unfavorable directions, which is determined based on their natal chart and date of birth. Only an expert in Vastu science can determine these favorable directions of an individual.
  • Face the 1st favorable direction while in office to activate the 7 chakras and to improve the efficiency in work. This leads to better judgment, creativity and productivity which then results in career growth or growth in business. However make sure that you are not seated under a beam in the office building.
  • Sleeping properly is an essential part of chakra therapy. Hence sleep in your favorable direction to charge the seven chakras. However while sleeping make sure that your bed is not under a beam of the apartment (beams carry a lot of negative energy).
  • Color therapy is also a part of balancing chakras. As per Vastu shastra an individual must wear his or her favorable colors while going for specific occasions.
  • The chakras are also balanced by soothing fragrance and Vastu agrees with this concept. It is best to light incense sticks or place other natural aromatic substances in the house to bring in positive energy and activate the chakras.
  • Vastu can also be thought of as a scientific way of decorating a dwelling. A simple thing such as replacing old flowers with fresh ones makes a huge difference in the surrounding. Chakras are also balanced at the sight and fragrance of fresh flowers.
  • Vastu items including energized yantras and crystals can be installed at correct directions in a premise to attract positivity and balance the chakras.

These are some of the simple tips of Vastu shastra to activate the seven chakras. To know more about chakra activation through Vastu shastra, get in touch with the experts at Saral Vaastu, Vastu shastra consultant with a proven record of success.

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