How to Overcome Anger Issues In Children?

Anger is a normal emotion and a useful one for children as it helps them deal with situations that are not always fair. But a child’s behavior getting out of control and aggressive because of anger can be a cause of concern for parents. Handling the anger issues in children can be distressing and puzzling for parents. One of the major issues in dealing with an angry child is the anger they can stir up inside the parents. Once the parents understand that children’s anger is not a bad thing and dealing it with peacefully is the best available option, then half the battle is won. Parents need to accept this feeling in a child and help them channelize it for constructive means.

Parents should teach their children suitable ways of expressing their feelings. But for this the grownups must also know what triggers the anger issues. Some of the common triggers are low self-esteem, failure or fear of it happening, isolation or anxiety over things the child may have no control over. Here are some of the tips for parents to handle anger issues in children.

  • Do not yell at an already angry child:
      As mentioned earlier, it is easy for grownups to lose temper at a stubborn and angry child. Adults need to remain calm and deal with the crisis patiently.
  • Do not try to reason:
      When two adults are angry, reasoning usually helps to ease the situation. However it does not work on an angry child. Wait for the child to calm down and then patiently talk with them.
  • Do not lose your composure:
      Adults need to remember that they are teaching their children how to react when someone is angry. Hence it is a must for parents or teachers to maintain their calm and composure. When parents do not lose their cool the child automatically calms down.
  • Do not get physical:
      As mentioned in the earlier point, if a parent gets physical with the child it only teaches them that aggression is the solution to all problems.
  • Teach relaxation techniques:
      Teach the kid how to relax when he or she goes on a temper tantrum. Breathing techniques are the best in this case as it helps to control not only anger but also anxiety.

Parents have no control over when a child can get angry, it can happen anytime. Besides teaching the children how to control their anger, parents must also ensure that the inner energy of a child is positive. The internal energy of a person determines his/her personality and attitude. There are many factors that can affect this positive energy. The best way that parents can ensure positivity in their child is by arranging a child’s room as per Vastu shastra. Below are some of the Vastu for children’s room tips that can be easily followed at home to overcome anger issues in children:

  • Direction of sleep:
      The first and foremost thing that parents need to take care of is the direction in which the child sleeps. Every child has his or her own favorable sleeping direction, which helps them wake up with positivity.
  • Mirror in children’s room:
      As per Vastu mirrors must not be placed in any bedroom. Try to avoid a mirror in a child’s room; if it is unavoidable, cover it with a piece of cloth at night.
  • Electronic equipment:
      TVs, computers, mobiles and other electronic items should not be placed in a child’s room (particularly at night). The energy and frequencies emitted by them affects the normal body energy of a kid. If it is unavoidable, then switch them off at night.
  • Salt rock:
      If the child is particularly aggressive or gloomy, place salt rocks in the corners the room.
  • Lights
      Spot lights and other sharp lights must not be placed in a child’s room it creates mental strain.

These are some of the common Vastu Shastra tips for children room. There are many more Vastu related changes that can be made in a child’s room to help overcome their anger issues. However these tips cannot be generalized and hence it is always important to contact an expert at Saral Vaastu.

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