How to resolve fighting over money with your spouse?

As per recent surveys fighting over money with spouse is cited as the top five reasons for conflicts in a marriage. Money matters affect a household when there is insufficient planning between the spouses on how to spend, save and invest their income on a monthly and yearly basis. The biggest culprit when it comes to monetary fights between couples is lack of communication and a single partner deciding the monetary issues for both parties. Financial issues can arise in couples of all ages and phases; it can be a problem for young people who are dating, between engaged couple, newly married couple and also between the elderly.

Simple planning, open communication and respecting the opinion of each other are all it takes to resolve the issue. This problem normally escalates when both the spouses are working and have different mindset when it comes to spending their hard earned cash, or when there is only one breadwinner in the family and the income is less. No matter what, laying a few ground rules will definitely help the couple avert the financial disputes. Below are some steps that can be taken to stop the fighting over money with spouse:

  • Set a plan:

Planning a budget should be one of the first things that a newlywed couple must do. Certain ground rules such as monthly expenditure on necessities, luxuries, investments, etc. must be laid early on in the relation.

  • Communicate monetary issues:

During times of financial crisis such as recession or high inflation, household budgets must be revised. To do so communication and understanding is necessary between both couples.

  • Respect other’s opinion:

When it comes to money matters each spouse may have different ideas. One may feel like splurging the money on luxury products whereas the other may think about investments and savings. Communicate with each other and respect the other one’s opinion and find a middle ground.

After deciding how much to save, spend and invest, the couple must now decide look at Vastu tips for money, because certain changes in the house ensures that there is a continuous flow of wealth. Vastu tips are very effective in the long term wealth creation in a household. Once the Vastu tips are followed the couple develops energy or even an aura that attracts money and reduces financial stress. Following are some of the Vastu tips for wealth creation:

  • While dealing with money related issues face your favorable direction. This direction is different for different people; hence the opinion of an expert should be taken.
  • Stopped clocks signify the loss of money or lack of its generation. Either repair the clock or buy a new one.
  • Leaking faucets and taps in a house indicates the loss of money. Repair the faucets and avoid monetary losses.
  • The Doors in your house should not come in a straight line of the main door of house as it will have a negative impact on your wealth
  • Center of the house should not contain staircase or toilet, as this will have negative impact on wealth
  • Any defect in Saraswathi sthan at your home will indirectly impact your business growth and wealth creation

Those seeking personalized Vastu tips must contact Saral Vaastu, the leading Vastu shastra consultation in India. Vastu tips will not only help you create wealth but also help you avoid money related conflicts with your spouse.

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