How to Win at Office Politics?

How to win office politics? This is a question that boggles a lot of talented people. Regardless of the size of an organization, politics at work is a reality that every individual has to deal with. Office politics is difficult to deal with and one has to be wary about the people who enjoy these politics. Office politics, just like regular politics, is an inevitable aspect of human behavior. When a group of people are brought together under one roof, with a hierarchy in place, and money and power is involved the politicking starts. The most common advice given to avoid office politics is to avoid it and not be a part of any internal office group that involves in these politics. However it is least likely to work. And pretending that office politics do not affect you is like a cat drinking milk with its eyes closed. Of course it affects you, it affects everyone. The best way to deal with office politics is to learn how to survive a workplace’s political environment. You don’t have to be a part of it, but you have to be smart enough to know when and how to get involved.

There are different ways on how to win at office politics. Firstly we will discuss the changes that an employee has to make in his or her attitude towards the office environment. Here are the six ways to overcome office politics:

  • Be professional:

Always conduct yourself professionally in office and at work-related social events. One wrong comment regarding a colleague, or management or the company can get in trouble. So always be at your professional bet and avoid saying maligning things.

  • Share with peers:

Sharing work related information and helping your colleagues will ensure that you are always wanted. Some people are reluctant to share skills with others, but doing so builds a level of trust and helps you in the long run. And when you share information, you might also get some in return. It will also help you move up the ladder of hierarchy in the organization.

  • Avoid gossip:

Speaking negatively about anyone in office can do more harm than good. Avoiding gossip cultivates a very good habit, which could be otherwise very detrimental for you professionally.

  • Always do something:

Always do something in office or at least pretend to do so. If your boss sees you talking with your friends during office hours he will likely think that you are not resourceful. This affects the chances of promotion.

  • Market yourself:

It is always important to market yourself and your accomplishments. However be subtle while doing so; otherwise your colleagues will assume that you are pandering to the bosses. Take the opportunity of one on one meeting with the manager or boss to list out your accomplishments (even if not asked). Also make subtle references of your achievements to your colleagues.

  • What is your purpose:

Why did the company hire you? Why did you join this job? Always keep your purpose in mind.

Apart from these tips to smartly avoid and win office politics, every individual must also try Vastu for career. Whether you believe in the power of Vastu, trying it is not going to cost you much; and Vastu will subtly help you achieve your dreams without any conflicts. Vastu removes the negative energies around you and focuses the positive energy into your career growth. Below are some of the must-do Vastu tips that will help career growth:

  • Never sit under a beam to improve performance in an office. The negative energy from the beam affects the person’s performance.
  • For a cheerful ambience and friendliness in the office, keep a crystal on your table. It also invites money flow.
  • To avoid distractions and lose temper, sit away from the main entrance door.
  • Find out your favorable direction and the office management to allocate a seat accordingly. Follow these directions during meetings and client visits.
  • Never work while sitting with cross legs as it hampers your growth and progress.
  • Ask the office staff to replace old flowers and clean your desk. It signifies friendliness

These are some of the popular Vastu tips for career. However these tips are not effective for everyone. To know more on individual Vastu needs contact Saral Vastu, the pioneers in implementing Vastu shastra for the betterment of life.

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