How to win Court Litigation and Settlement cases with Vastu Shastra?

Legal issues, court litigation, settlement cases, disputes, all of them, if were to be defined in simple terms are nothing but a common platform for the one suffering to raise a complaint and the one benefitting prove themselves correct. There is nothing right or wrong, but just the point of view which creates differences. What might be right for me might be wrong for you. What you think is good might end up making me suffer because I am of the same ideology. We keep wondering on what might be the causes and there can be many. But, what we normally ignore is our vastu doshas.

Vastu doshas can be defined as some powerful negative energies controlling our fate. These doshas our related to us in some way, can be your clothes, house or maybe your habits. Few vastu doshas which end you up in court litigations can be doors in your house facing north-east or north-west or exactly southeast. And hence, Vastu Shastra for legal issues is very important. There are various Vastu Solutions for court cases which can be suggested by vastu specialists.

Vastu Shastra for legal issues has played a major role in helping people win their court litigations. The beginning to win such cases has to be done from ourselves. We have to work on keeping the negative energies away from us. If you are affected by a Vastu dosh, then such doshas will always keep you away from winning any court litigations. There could be numerous reasons that you are affected by such Vastu doshas. Vastu Shastra helps you in identifying the source of these doshas and then eradicating them completely.

There are a number of things suggested by our vastu specialists like wearing dark colour clothes during the hearings of court cases, or keeping a Gomti Chakra (miniature form of Lord Krishna’s discus) in your pocket during the court hearing to keep the negative energy away and attract positive energy 

This will help you in winning the court case. There are more such vastu tips that you can get from our Onsite Vastu Consultation. Our consultants will provide you with the detailed tips but you should be aware of some very basic vastu tips to keep the negativity away from you.

Below listed simple Vastu Shastra solutions for court cases will help you win court litigations and settlement cases.

  • Clean your feet before entering into your house when you come from outside. This will help in eliminating the negative energy
  • Building of Spider web should not be allowed in house because it is a factor that attracts negative energy in the house
  • The doors in your house should not be in a straight line to the main door of house because it will have a negative impact
  • Avoid keeping wild animal posters in the house to avoid flow of negative energy which rattles in the house
  • Installing water fountain in front of the main door will help you in attracting positive energy inthe house
  • Ringing bell inside the house helps in the eradication of negative energy from the house and attracts positive energy.
  • Keeping rock salt in all corners of the house (except Pooja Room) helps in absorbing the negativity and spreading positivity in and around the house.

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