How Vastu Can Improve Your Chances Of Promotion?

Salaried employees always strive for 3 things- the day their salary gets credited into their accounts, their appraisals leading to an increment and promotion. Out of these, promotion is something that is employees look for. It is a reward from the companies to the employees for their hard work.

There are many things an employee can do to increase the chances of promotion and most of them are accepted throughout the universe. But most employees ignore the effective methods that will help them to get that much-needed promotion.

Creating a positive environment in a workplace with your colleagues and work can also help you to achieve success in your office.

Given below is a list of things an employee needs to perform at his/her workplace to improve their chances of promotion-

  • Set goals and do your job well

Without hard work and dedication, you will definitely be overlooked during the promotion times. Set realistic goals and strive to achieve them. Make your goals achievable by having a clear mindset about it.

  • Find a mentor and seek advice

Get some help and feedbacks from your mentor, they will help you to set your goals in a clear way. You can get to know how the upper management grants promotion.

  • Acquire new skills

No matter where you work, keep learning new skills that will help you move to the next level in the organization.

  • Lead the project

There is nothing such thing as overnight success. Start your successful career in office by leading a group project. By this, you will get noticed by the boss at work and you can get a promotion if the project turns out to be a successful one.

These two concepts, Vastu and 7 Chakra balancing are critical for productivity in an office which will, in turn, lead to your job promotion.

Increase your chances of promotion with Saral Vaastu in following ways:

1. Seating arrangement:

When you are assigned a seat at your workplace ensure that it is not below a beam and that your back is not towards the main entrance door. It blocks the flow of positive energy.

2. Personalize your office/workspace:

Offices today allow their employees to decorate their workspace. You should place paintings of mountains or any fine piece of art on the wall; this can help you in performing better.

3. Favorable Directions:

The direction in which you sit may create an opportunity for you to get a promotion. It depends upon his/ her favorable directions. Facing a particular direction while working or during meetings produces an original energy that translates into better performance. Know your favorable direction at the workplace and grab a chance for your promotion.

Improve your chances of promotion with Chakra balancing:

Chakras are internal energy points in a person’s body that define well-being and the energy within. A body with a balanced Chakra exudes a magnetic personality and creates an aura that attracts positivity. There are many techniques available to balance the Chakras in the body and Vaastu is one of them.

Consult your promotion related problems with our Saral Vaastu Experts and they shall be happy to help you out.

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