Kitchen Salt Can Attract Positive Energy and Good Health

Do you know that a simple mineral in our kitchen as Salt has the power to terminate the negative energy from the house. Vastu Shastra is filled with many surprises and one of such surprises is the usage of salt in Vastu. Salt has the quality of absorbing and drying. It can absorb the negative energy from the house if used in the right manner. Although excess use of salt can bring adverse effects too.

Saral Vaastu is an in-depth explanation of Vastu Shastra. Guruji has also explained the importance of energy in his Saral Vaastu Principles. These principles suggest that with the help of Vastu remedies or solutions, one can balance the energy and can invite abundance and prosperity. Using salt in different ways to ward off Vastu defects can be useful to attain a happy life.

With the Vastu solutions, one can follow Saral Vaastu by connecting, balancing and channelizing the cosmic energy.

Salt is known as an environment purifier. It removes negative field from our surroundings because of its absorbing quality. It can cleanse your home, soul and body and allows you to live a positive life.

Many people do not agree with the Vastu salt and consider it as superstition whereas these same people believe in aura cleansing and pays too much amount on per sitting to get aura cleansing. In Vastu Shastra, salt is the same as aura cleanser and has an effective impact.

Read few Vastu tips of Salt to remove negativity for the life:

  • If you are feeling low, tired, depressed and bogged down with negative energy then take a bath with salt water. Add some salt in a bucket and wash off negative effects from head to toe. You will feel rejuvenated and energetic.
  • If you are feeling low or not getting your desirable results then every morning take some salt in your hand and rotate it around your head and body for five to seven times and then flush this in water. It will absorb all your negative energy and you will feel pumped up.
  • To remove negative energy from the house, keep a bowl of water with some salt in your room. It should be easily accessible. Change this salted water regulary. Remember to flush this water in the washroom or sink. It should not touch you or spill outside. This bowl will absorb all the negative energy from your room.
  • Mop the floor of your house with salty water occasionally. It will absorb all the negativity of the house.
  • Use salt or rock salt in the bathroom. Keep it in any corner from where it is not visible.  It will absorb all the negative energy from the bathroom. If your bathroom has Vastu defects then it will help you to mitigate the negative results by using salt.
  • Since dust or dirt is the sign of accumulated negative energy in the house so clean all the objects, artifacts or decorative items with salt water. Add little salt in water and clean the things. It will enhance positivity in the house.
  • Since excess is always bad. So always try to use an optimum amount of salt for getting good results. As excess salt harms your health, it also creates adverse effects and emits negative energy. So use salt wisely.

With these simple tips for salt, one can ward off negative energy from the house and increase positive cosmic energy. This energy attracts good luck, success, good health and happiness in life. Consult a Saral Vaastu expert for more exclusive and personalized Vastu solutions.

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