Know Muladhara Chakra – Chakra of Vitality

A healthy body and mind allows someone to live a life full of achievements and success. Their decision-making power and good health help them to be a frontrunner. A healthy body and mind do not depend on good food and lifestyle. It is because of the balanced energy in our body. This energy is the result of Seven Chakra present in body.

There are 7 chakras in our body in which Muladhara Chakra or Root Chakra is one of them. These are known as energy transformers. Each of these Chakras represents a significant energy force, which leaves severe impacts on various aspects of your life. Energy Transformers are integral parts of your body, and it is here that you need to know about Chakras.

As per Guruji, these Chakras share integral connections with your life and health. From digestive issues to cardiac problems, these Chakras can help you fight with diverse diseases. However, you will need to activate them positively. Once these 7 Chakras receive positive energies, they will help you overcome critical issues in life.

With the help of Saral Vaastu consultation, you can activate these seven chakra. These activated 7 chakra helps in the right functioning of health, relationships, and education etc.

What is Muladhara Chakra:

  • Muladhara chakra or the root chakra is the first of the seven primary chakras in the human body.
  • It is located at the base end of the spinal column.
  • Personality development, vitality, vigor and growth are the characteristics imparted in humans by this chakra.

An inactivated and improperly working Muladhara chakra can cause prostate problems, obesity, arthritis, varicose veins, lower back problems, hip problems, sore knees, and anorexia, poor bone structure, and a weak physical structure.

The root chakra or Muladhara chakra delivers the life energy to all the other major and minor chakras. When balanced a person is healthy and experiences overall well being. He or she gets physically active and becomes confident.

How to activate Muladhara Chakra:

  • Meditate focusing on the location of chakra in spine
  • Walk barefoot on grass or sand
  • Get pedicure to energize chakra
  • Dance to activate chakra
  • Face favourable direction to open chakra
  • Use essential oils on pulse points (ylang ylang, geranium rose, Angelica, etc.)
  • Have foods like red apples, pomegranates, strawberries, beets, radishes, etc.
  • Follow Saral Vaastu solutions

By activating Muladhara chakra, one out of the seven chakras help you to attract good health and happiness.

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