Know The Favorable Direction Of Your Main Entrance Door As Per Vastu And Correct Any Vastu Defects

In Vastu science the main entrance door as well as the entrance area of a home or office (including shops, showrooms, factories, workshops, etc.) is the first thing that a visitor gazes upon entering a place. And as it rightly said, a first impression creates a lasting impression. Vastu for doors not only helps you decorate your door appropriately and impress your guests or clients it also but also (without your realization) ushers in health, wealth, and prosperity. As per Vastu shastra the main entrance door of any dwelling is not just for the humans to come and go, it is also a welcome sign for the deities and positive energies to enter and reside in the place.
Following are the Vastu for doors principles to be followed in any dwelling to enhance its appeal to attract positivity:

  • The main door should be always well lit, both inside and outside. Avoid darkness near this region.
  • To enhance the positive energy of the main door, place a water body in front of it.
  • Main door should not be present below ground level of a house as it obstructs the flow of energy and impacts the overall growth of life
  • A mirror should not be kept in front of the main door as it takes away the energy.
  • A wall should not be directly in front of the door.
  • While constructing a house if the main door is in the house owner’s favorable direction, the house will be completed without any problems.

Having explained the many advantages of a Vastu perfect main entrance door one should now understand the directions that these doors face. Directions are very important in Vastu and form the basis of all the Vastu shastra tips. Based on the favorable and unfavorable directions of the people residing in a dwelling, the direction a main entrance door faces determines the Vastu principles to be applied to it.

However before reading about the directions of the house it is important to understand that even though the directions may be the same, every house is different. The climatic conditions also vary. Saral Vaastu takes all these factors into consideration before devising a Vastu plan for the main entrance door.

  • South West Facing House

South West is an important direction and as per vastu shastra governs luck, finance, health and stability. Any defect or dosh in this direction affects the function of the above mentioned aspects. In case there are any defects with the main entrance door then energized Vastu samagris like Swastik, OM, Yantras, etc. should be placed in appropriate directions.

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  • North West Facing House

A house with its main door facing north-west if obeys Vastu principles bestows the residents with health, wealth and prosperity. However Vastu defects may cause frequent quarrels, relationship strains, and frequent traveling by the male breadwinner. Other adverse affects also include low productivity and lack of patience. Installing Vastu samagri such as suitable Yantras, OM, Swatik and Trishul insignias etc. will avert Vastu defects.

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  • North East Facing House

The main entrance door in this direction is considered lucky for wealth creation. If not constructed with Vastu shastra, this location will lead to greed and loss of money, and health issues for the entire family. Vastu items should be placed in specific areas to remove any doshs.

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  • South East Facing House

South east directions brings in the energies from both the south and east direction. Any Vastu defect while constructing the main entrance door causes tension within the family and marriage issues for men and women. The females in the house are prone to suffer health-related issues if there is any Vastu defect. Vastu items and gemstones at appropriate locations inside and outside the house will remove Vastu dosh.

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As mentioned before, every house is different and hence the solutions to Vastu dosh are different. Saral Vaastu, Vastu Shastra Consultants, offer personalized solutions to individuals after thorough analysis of the dwelling. Get in touch with us to know whether your main entrance door is Vastu compliant.

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