Lack of Responsibility in Relationships or Marriages

We all have read and heard from our older generations that being in a relationship with someone or marrying someone is a huge responsibility to take considering the fact that every human has a different idea of living life. Let’s not forget that when we live with someone, we have to take care of the other person too. Simplest example can be our own family. We all take care of each other in every possible situation. We take responsibility of taking care of each other and abide by it. These responsibilities go unsaid. However, if we won’t be responsible then it can be a major problematic issue. Now being responsible can be as small as taking care of ourselves and not troubling our parents or partners for petty things or it can be as big as going out and earning for a living of your family or partner. We, human beings, however, have this tendency of running away from responsibilities. We want to be a free bird in the sky that doesn’t have to take care of anyone or anything.

Now, asking for freedom is not a wrong thing, but freedom comes with the responsibilities . When you are free, you have to take responsibility of other’s interests, likes and dislikes. For example, your family might accept your actions and let you get away with it but this is not necessary the same case when it comes to society.

In our generation, the biggest challenge we have is lack of responsibility In relationships. We don’t want to be responsible for anything. It can be about our partner, our children, our friends or family. We run away from them and lack of responsibilities slowly and gradually becomes one of the most critical issues in the house. Taking care of such issues becomes a problem too because the problem is not involuntary but voluntary. We do not take responsibilities in life because we don’t wish to. It’s the will power that doesn’t work in sync.

There are a few things that can be done to ensure that you become more responsible and not allow the lack of responsibility hit your relationship or married life adversely. Damages in such cases are sometimes very severe.

Some very basic things that can help you to become a little more responsible in your relationship/married life are listed below:

1. The first thing to do is avoiding/stopping the blame game that our generation normally does.

2. Accepting our faults and working on improving them is the second thing in which you show signs of being responsible

3. Encouraging each other in various activities or situations is what you should do next. This builds a feeling of trust and confidence that someone is there to back you up or be with you in your hard time

4. Rather than being a burden on each other, the better thing to do would be to be a support function of each other. This will keep the hope alive that even if you fail, there is someone to support you always.

5. Don’t end up arguing with each other. Sometimes, the best thing to do is to walk away from an argumentative situation. This not only save your relationship but also your time and energy which you would have wasted otherwise.

6. One has to look within and identify his or her flaws and improve them. That’s just a way of being responsible by not allowing your negativities or flaws affect your partner.

7. Put in more efforts in your relationship/marriage

8. Dividing the responsibilities equally among each other can help a lot in reducing stress and pressure

The Saral Vaastu experts can help you to understand the reasons for your problems along with the ways to eradicate negativity from your life.

Few of them are listed below:

1. Avoid keeping shoes or footwear in front of the main door as it attracts negative energy.

2. Avoid keeping mirror in front of main door (from Inside) as it eliminates the positive energy.

3. When you come from outside, clean your feet before entering into your house as this activity will eliminate the negative energy.

4. Any type of Vine should not touch any Side (inside or outside) of the house as it will attract negative energy and laziness.

5. Ringing Bell inside the house helps to eradicate negative energy from the house and attracts positive energy.

6. Avoid keeping thorny plants like cactus and rose etc inside the house as it eradicates the positive energy

7. Offering fresh flowers to God will help in enhancing the positive energy in the House

8. Keeping a fish aquarium in the hall will attract positive energy in the house

9. Do not place the poster of still water in your house as it causes vastu dosh.

10. There should not be a puja room in front of the main door.

11. Using light colour paintings in your home will help you to maintain a peaceful environment.

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