Learn How Vastu Can Help You Control Your Anger

Anger is defined as a normal and healthy emotion. Anger has the power, but there are negative and positive ways to deal with that power. Getting angry is completely normal, but it gets difficult to manage when it gets out of control, as it may affect all the aspects of life including family and professional life.

Don’t let anger grip you, if it did then it doesn’t matter how much we remind ourselves that getting angry is not good, yet when the emotion comes, it gets out of control. We have been told we should not get angry, but not what to do if it does come. Keeping calm from inside out is one of the most effective ways to deal with anger.

A good mix of Panch Maha-Boota (5 elements) around you will help you create a harmony that can soften your anger. A fine Vastu at your house or workplace will create an atmosphere of peace and harmony. Based on your date of birth a Vastu expert can suggest you with your favorable directions and color, implementing those will help you in your anger management.

How can Vastu help you control your Anger? Here’s how to tame your inner raging bull


Do not clutter your home. Problems with movements inside the own house can flare up tempers. Do not keep old things in the home as these blocks the flow of energy. A spacious house enables the flow of energy and uplifts the mood.


Keep a salt rack in every corner of the room. This is especially helpful during monsoon seasons as the salt rock absorbs excess moisture and purifies the air which in return make the environment positive.


If you are buying a home ensure that there are no mobile towers or electrical transformers in the vicinity. Mobile towers creates a mental irritation. If you already live in a home with these instruments around you, then take the help of a Vastu expert and ask for proper Vastu remedies.


Keep fresh flowers at home or light incense sticks. In the case of incense sticks make sure that the room is not filled with its smoke.


Sleep in your second favorable direction. It helps you get a proper sleep which is essential to balance your chakras.


Breathe out for longer than you breathe in, and relax as you breathe out. By focusing and concentrating on the breathing, the breathing chakra gets activated with our breath, we are integrating and unifying the mind and body in our inner awareness with the breath.


Writing, making music, dancing or painting can release tension and reduce feelings of anger.

Balancing the energies within you and your surroundings can help you remain calm and happy, which can be accomplished with the help of Vastu. Vastu governs the energies in our surroundings and dwellings and if practiced correctly, it will adjust these energies in such a way so that our internal energy flow is at its optimum.

According to Saral Vaastu, the lesson on anger management starts at home, besides all the other self-help techniques that one can use for momentary control of anger. Vastu remedies as suggested by Saral Vaastu consultants has a long term effect on the anger management.

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