Let Your Toilet & Bathroom Resonate A Positive Energy Through Vastu

While constructing a house, toilet and bathroom also hold an important aspect. This is the place where we cleanse ourselves and practically starts our day. It gives us a fresh start of the day.

On the contrary, many times, this place can be a center for all the negative energy in the house. We all get affected by the energy around us. This cosmic energy can open or close the door for our happiness and success if we don’t balance it in a positive way. Vastu for toilet and bathroom is generally avoided by many of us while constructing a house. It is a place that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Guruji explains in his Saral Vaastu Principles that how an imbalance of energy in the toilet can impact the whole growth of yours and your family. We don’t pay attention to build toilets as per Vastu and that causes many health-related and happiness-related issues. Saral Vaastu Principles provides remedies to such problems. These remedies are entirely based on an individual’s date of birth. Guruji has debunked the myth that Vastu can be the same for all.

A father is doing financially, physically and emotionally good in his life but the son is not living the best of his life, no matter if they are living in the same house. This is self-explanatory how similar Vastu rules cannot give the same results.

Vastu for toilet is necessary to know and follow for a better life results. Saral Vaastu Principles provide the best solutions related to Vastu for attached bathroom and toilet. Vastu for toilet doesn’t need any breakages or structural changes. With the help of a few placements and directional changes, one can make this place more positive and vibrant.

Since nowadays toilets and bathrooms are constructed in the house, it deeply impacts each family member physically and mentally. To address such problems, toilet Vastu includes:

  • Door of the toilet should always be closed
  • Lid of toilet pot should remain closed
  • Plants should be kept in the toilet
  • Rock salt should be kept at the corners of the toilet

Vastu for toilets is really important to include while using Vastu Solution for your house. Neglecting Vastu for toilet can harm the positive aura of your house. Also wrong positioned. Saral Vaastu provides feasible solutions and remedies for all your Vastu related problems.

Did you know?

After adopting Saral Vaastu Principles, you can solve your toilet and bathroom related vastu problems within 9 to 180 days

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