Main Doors Is the Passage to Life in Homes

Vastu of a house starts from its entrance, which plays a great role in changing the energy flow. It is a norm or custom mentioned in Vastu Shastra books that people prefer to have their main gate in the Northeast corner, as the direction is blindly believed to be auspicious.

Now let us talk about the directions of the entrance of your house and whether it is beneficial or not!

Main door Vastu for North facing house:

The main door is the important source of flow of cosmic energy. A clean and unobstructed entrance is good to invite positive energy. The door should be well connected to the entire house so that the cosmic energy coming through it can reach every corner of the house.

According to the belief, people blindly and forcefully construct their main gates in the northeast direction of their homes. However, remember that the gate of the bungalow or an independent house can be placed in the best direction suiting to you. This is dependent on the date of birth of the bread winner of the family. Only be careful that the entrance and the main door do not fall in a straight line.

Main door Vastu for east facing house:

East facing houses attract prosperity and happiness. Traditional vastu recommends that your main door should be facing east direction. However, every individual comes under the influence of the cosmic energy through directions based on the date of birth. If in accordance to your date of birth the best-suited direction is east then make sure that the main door is also east facing.
For any important activity or for sleeping follow the same directions to take the maximum benefit.

Main door Vastu for flats

Again, these are the basic calculated directions, which are said to be bringing in positivity in your life. However, if it does not suit you according to your date of birth then these directions may bring in loads of trouble, stress, and problems in your life.

Main door of the house should be placed without any obstructions, inside and outside the door. No furniture or shoes should be placed as an obstruction that does not allow the door to open completely. This obstructs the free flow of cosmic energy in the house.

Now, you must be aware about the main door directions. Do you relate to any such problems mentioned above? If yes, then visit Saral Vaastu for guidelines and solutions. They will help you enrich your home with positive energy. These tips would benefit you lifetime.

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