Make Holi 2020 More Colorful & Prosperous with Simple Vastu Tips

You must be wondering how does Vastu Shastra help in adding happiness in the festival of colors”Holi”? We all are made up of energies and our internal energy reflects our personalities and health. Sometimes due to various internal and external factors, the energy within us gets imbalanced and we start feeling restless, anxious, unaccepted, depressed.and unhealthy. It affects our outer aura and leads us to lack of bonding, stability, mental peace and health. It is scientific that each color has its own impact on our mental and physical health. Colors have the power of healing and it can cure your various health and personality related problems.

Saral Vaastu provides you various Vastu tips to establish and maintain good relationships with others. It provides you Vastu remedies that helps you to fight against many diseases and health problems. For that, you need to balance energy within and around you. With the help of Saral Vaastu Principles, one can connect, balance and channelize Cosmic energy through direction, structure and chakras. Activated chakras enable you to increase confidence,enhance your immune system to stand against illness. It helps you to build a happy relationship with the people around you and you make a good impression on them.

Guruji explained how your date of birth helps personality development and overall health? Your date of birth plays a vital role in doing so. Every person has unique and exclusive Vastu solutions based on his/her date of birth that is provided through analysis by Saral Vaastu.

This Holi you can bring good health, happiness, harmony and peace along with building strong and longer relationships. Here are few Vastu Tips for Holi:

  • Ward off all the negative energy by cleaning the house on Holi.
  • Always offer first colors to your worshipped God’s.
  • Offer fresh and raw wheat sticks (Genhu ki Baali) in Holika Dahan. It is considered auspicious and represents bringing luck and happiness.
  • Eating those half roasted raw wheat grains removes various health problems and sickness.
  • After God, always offer colors to your elders at home and take their blessings.
  • On Holi, get rid off unwanted furniture and things. It brings prosperity and happiness.
  • Do not use chemical colors as they are harmful for your health and eyes.
  • Offer your prayers and colors to Lord Radha Krishna.
  • Keep a silver coin in the color powder or Gulal. It increases wealth and money on the house.
  • To remove negative energy or fear from a person, take one coconut, two cloves, black sesame seeds and yellow mustard seeds and rotate them 21 times on a person and throw it in the Holika to burn. It will destroy all the negative energy from a person and they will feel healthy.
  • Make rangoli at the entrance to invite good luck and fortune in the house.
  • Use light colored Gulal like pink, red and yellow to increase mental peace and health to a person. It will energize them and they will feel happy and joyed.
  • Hang wind chimes to create melody and attract positive aura.
  • Have cold milk with dry fruits and healthy food to keep you hydrated and energized while playing Holi.
  • Welcome guests with colors and delicious food. It will strengthen your wealth management and Lord of wealth Maa Laxmi stays in your home.

By following these Vastu tips on Holi, one can bring good luck, happiness and good health to you and your family members. Enjoy festival of colors Holi by adopting Vastu solutions.

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