Overcome Depression By These Proven Ancient Methods

Depression is a cruel truth of today’s world. Everywhere people are stressed out and sinking into depression for some or the other reason. It is a mental issue that is on an escalation today. There are many clinical reasons for depression and various life experiences that may push any individual into depression. However, our way of living today is to be equally blamed. Most of us live a dull and a mundane life, which has become robotic in nature with all the daily hassles of life.

Most of us have become vision-less and passionless. We are also failing to comprehend the deeper meaning of life. Today, working individuals measure their success and happiness by their position in society. This shows how our pursuit of happiness has become materialistic and we tend to overlook the spiritual side within us.

There are many remedies to overcome depression. These remedies help you and someone you love to overcome depression. This is the era where the need for solutions to reduce depression has increased.

Even the Western countries are turning towards the ancient India solutions to solve the issue of depression. Here, we concentrate on the ancient Indian ways that may help you overcome depression and other depressive disorders.

  • Yoga:

As more people are realising the benefits of yoga, it has found the worldwide recognition. It is one of the best methods to overcome depression at home and can be practiced even at office. Some of the yoga poses that will help in overcoming depression includes, the mountain pose with arms overhead, handstand, shoulder-stand with chair etc.

  • Ayurvedic remedies:

There are many herbs in Ayurveda that is upheld to treat depression. Some of these items include, Ashwagandha, Amla, Shatavari, Brahmi, etc. Starting an Ayurvedic treatment and discarding processed food is also recommended to prevent depression.

  • Vastu Shastra:

This is the science that focuses on increasing the positive energy of your dwelling thereby inducing a good flow of energy within. Making minor changes (although at times major changes might be required) to your house and office can have a huge effect on your mental and physical well-being.Following the principles of Vastu correctly, enhances the benefits of yoga as well as open up the body’s 7 Chakras.

  • Chakra Sadhana:

All the seven chakras in your body impact your mental well-being. Balancing every chakra is very essential for overall balance. But, to overcome depression, the heart chakra needs to be balanced. The heart chakra represents love which is important for treating depression. Yoga and Vastu works together in unblocking this Chakra.

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