Overcome the Inevitable Career Plateau

When will I get promoted? When will I get a raise? When will I get a better job offer? These are the questions asked (or even thought) by every working individual. Another issue faced by the working people is that the promotions and rewards are never seen to be distributed fairly. Careers are an uphill task and people work really hard all their lives and put in a lot of time to see that they grow up the ladder of success. However it demoralizes them if someone else is frequently passed up for promotions and other opportunities. And if there is no respite from this situation then it is said that a person has reached their career plateau. There are many consultancy services that offer career advices which are right in their own way and must be followed diligently. However, if there is still no success with one’s career it’s time to look at Vastu for career as an alternative.

Vastu shastra aligns the forces and energies around us and makes them work for our benefit. One thing to remember here is that a person has to have the correct Vastu both at home and office to find health, wealth and happiness, but it does not meant that they ignore the other aspects of health, wealth and happiness. Vastu aids a person find success only if they do their part and work hard. Vastu for career works in the same way. A person needs to work hard and deliver his best in the office; however he should be mindful of a few Vastu facts that can help him overcome the stagnancy.

Being successful at your job and that extra recognition motivates everyone. All of us want to be differentiated in some way of the other, for example the additional benefits, compensation, special cabin, etc. Vastu for success ensures that your efforts are rewarded by your management and organization. Before following Vastu shastra it is important to realize that Vastu will only work if you do your part to bring about a better change. Here are some of the common Vastu tips for finding success at work:

  • Avoid sitting under a beam in office. Beams carry negative energy of the structure and radiate this energy to the people sitting directly under it. Those sitting under a beam will not be able to perform up to their potential and lack creative ideas. Hence it is important to ask the office admin to relocate you.
  • Avoid sitting with your back to the entrance door. This is the biggest cause of distraction and affects the performance.
  • Every individual has four favorable directions based on their natal chart and date of birth. While attending meetings and interviews it is advisable to face these directions. Doing is considered auspicious and lucky.

  • If you are the owner of a business then allocate suitable rooms, based on their direction and alignment, to appropriate departments.
  • Choose Vastu paintings to be hung on a wall behind you. Paintings and posters of water bodies signifies lack of support and those of mountains signifies support.
  • Paintings of war, crying or sad images, and violence must not be hung in an office.
  • If given an opportunity to pick your seat choose the one that has a wall right to your back and open space to your front. It improves support and openness.
  • As soon as you step inside the office ensure that it is well it. A dark office represents gloominess and fails to realize your full potential.
  • Ask your office staff to clean the doors and windows regularly.
  • If your chair or table is broken, either replace or repair it.

A renowned Vastu Shastra Consultancy needs to be contacted to learn all the Vastu tricks that can help you cross the plateau in your career and lead you on a path of career success.

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