Quick Vastu Tips for Toilet

Vastu Shastra majorly focuses on energy balance in a house that ultimately decided the happiness in your lives. Vastu plan for all parts of the house is really essential to follow to make an entirely Vastu compliant house. Vastu for toilet is one of those important concerns because this is the place that emits most of the negative energy.

Since this place requires to curb the negativity, toilet Vastu becomes very necessary. According to Vastu Shastra, toilet and bathroom should be separate but now a days this can’t be followed due to small spaces of flats, apartments and houses. This is why Saral Vaastu suggests you many Vastu tips for toilet and bathroom to attract positive energy. Guruji with his 20 years of research established Saral Vaastu Principles that emphasizes on connecting, balancing and channelizing Cosmic energy by providing favourable direction. Favourable direction is decided by an individual’s date of birth.

Direction for toilet as per Vastu cannot be the same for all. A family is living a happy life in a house whereas another family is not having a good time in the same house. It depends on the different date of birth of Head of the family.

With the help of Saral Vaastu, one can mitigate the negative energy and can attract positivity in your house.

If Vastu for toilets is not followed properly, there can be few problems one has to face like: Financial problems, losses, mental stress, accidents, health problems etc. These Vastu defects of toilet & bathroom can increase many problems in the lives of all the family members.Vastu for toilet includes favourable direction, structure and placement of geyser, taps, commode, mirrors, bathtub etc.

Follow these tips related to Vastu for toilet and Vastu for bathroom.

  • Build toilet in your favourable direction.
  • Never have water storage, in toilet, above or under pooja room, fire or bed place.
  • While using the toilet seat, the person should face east or west.
  • Keep the toilet door closed.
  • Toilet should be 1-2 feet higher from the ground.
  • Entrance door for toilet should be in East or North direction.
  • Never have septic tank in south direction of toilet.
  • Keep the lid of toilet seat closed.
  • Place commode or toilet seat inside the toilet in West, South or North-West side of West.
  • Store water, taps etc. should be in East, North or North-East.
  • Paint toilet with light colors.
  • Keep plants in bathroom.
  • Build a small window in the toilet in East, West or North wall
  • Always keep bathroom and toilet always clean hygienic.

These toilet Vatsu tips can be followed to enhance positive energy in the house. These can be done without any breakages. You can consult a Saral Vaastu expert for more exclusive and effective tips about toilet Vastu.

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