Simple Tips to Welcome the Goddess of Wealth to your Home this Diwali

Goddess Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth and prosperity and means Good Luck to devotees. The wealth and prosperity refers to both material and spiritual gains. She is revered in most households and offices daily and is a favorite among women. Because of Her importance She is a domestic deity. The main day of Diwali is characterized by Her worship and this day is on the full moon night of Kojagari Purnima. Because of the importance of this day it is essential to follow the Vastu Shastra for pooja room and decorate it accordingly. The devotion for Goddess Lakshmi not only comprises of reciting the right mantras and having the perfect pooja samagris, but making the pooja room Vastu compliant is one of the task that devotees must follow.

By understand the Vastu Shastra for pooja room and making necessary alterations positive energy emanates from the pooja room that bless the whole house or the office premises. Goddess Lakshmi is referred to as a Mother Goddess and the female energy of the Supreme Being. Hence She should be invoked and welcomed in a pristine pooja room.

It is believed that on the day of Lakshmi Puja, the goddess Herself visits the homes of those who worship Her and blesses them with wealth, fortune and prosperity. Diwali falls on a moonless night but if the Goddess is worshipped in a clean and Vastu perfect home with sheer devotion, She ensures that it becomes the brightest day in a person’s life. The prayers said on the main day of Diwali are believed to have a double effect as compared to the prayers said on normal days. Devotees also believe that performing Lakshmi pooja at the right muhurat on Diwali day brings in positive effect for the whole year. Hence, following Vastu Shastra principles while cleaning and decorating the house for Diwali celebrations will definitely usher in positive results. Worshipping Goddess Lakshmi is also one of the wealth management tips given by ardent devotees of ancient tradition.

Some of the tips to welcome the goddess of wealth into your home this Diwali are given below :

  • Cleanliness is one of the major considerations mentioned in Vastu. Not only the gods but positive energy and positivity will only reside in a clean dwelling. As a part of Diwali decoration clean the entire house with a special focus on doors and windows.

  • Decorating the house involves moving furniture and assigning new places for them. Ensure that the furniture is placed as per Vastu guidelines. Small changes can have huge impact on the wealth flow.

  • Rearrange the images and idols of gods and goddess in suitable directions as mentioned in Vastu shastra.

  • Avoid decorating the pooja room with excess red light. Excess red bulbs have negative effect. Use green lights in office and yellow lights at home.

Before starting Laksmi puja place the idol of the goddess in the right direction. Also get in touch with a renowned Vastu Shastra Consultants to know the direction the devotees should be facing while performing the pooja. There are many Vastu shastra principles that need to be followed during Diwali and it is advisable to seek expert opinion for the same.

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