South Facing House is not Unlucky, Know How

Since Vastu Shastra is an extensive science of architecture, there are many myths are prevailing related to this. One of the most rumored myths is that South facing home brings adversity and is inauspicious. This myth is so popular that people feel scared of buying or constructing a house or office in south facing direction.

In Vastu Shastra, there is no such norm present related to South facing house. It is half knowledge of many pseudo Vastu experts. There is no such auspicious or inauspicious direction in Vastu. It totally depends on the date for the birth of an individual. According to Guruji, there are four favourable and four unfavorable directions for each individual. These directions decided by the date of birth of the owner of the house. With the help of favourable direction, one can allow a free flow of energy in the house or office. This way one can also balance the cosmic energy around us and bring positive effects in the house.

Three principles of Saral Vaastu explains connecting, balancing and channelizing cosmic energy through direction, structure and chakras. By these three rules, one can attain desirable results through balanced energy.

Guruji says that if the south facing home is made Vastu friendly, then people living in such house get more fame and respect as compared to other directions. The life of the people living in such houses is luxurious and prosperous. There can be few Vastu tips to follow for South facing house:

  • The main door of the house should be in the southeast corner. There should not be southwest main door in south facing house.
  • Should leave more open space in north than south and in east direction than west.
  • Take care of any type of underground tank such as fresh water tank, boring, well, etc. with the compound wall only between north direction, north east, east north and east direction. Build septic tanks in north or east direction only.
  • The northeast angle should not be truncated, round, high and the south east angle should not be enlarged or lowered in any way.
  • The floor of any part of the building should not be low. If you want to give a little slope for cleanliness, then you can slope towards north, east direction or north east.
  • Similarly, the slope of the open part of the plot should also be towards the north, east direction and north east so that the rain water comes out only through the northeast.
  • If the drainage system is not possible in the north or east direction, then in such a situation, make a drain from the east side of the plot with the compound wall out towards the east ignition or drain out from the north east by draining it.

If the south-facing house is constructed following these rules of Vastu, then such houses prove lucky for the residents and attract happy and joyful life.

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