Top 10 Vastu Tips to Clean Your Home of Negative Energy.

We all know that every human is made of energy. This universe also runs on energy. This energy is known as Cosmic Energy. Due to Vastu Dosh or incorrect Vastu, this energy gets imbalanced. This imbalanced energy impacts our lives negatively and creates many life-related problems in different aspects of life like health, wealth, career, business, marriage, education, relationship etc.

Guruji explains how we can balance this energy that has been obstructed by incorrect direction and Vastu. According to Guruji, with the help of Saral Vaastu Principles, the cosmic energy can be connected, balanced or channelized. This free flow of energy can be smoothen by adopting best direction, right structure and activated chakras. These Vastu solutions are based on an individual’s date of birth. Every individual has his/her unique set of Vastu solutions that serve them in a positive way.

Few Vastu solutions can be used to remove negative energy from the house:

  • Use salt to remove negative energy from the house. Mop the floor with the salty water. Keep a bowl of sea salt in the dark corners of the house. Change it in 48 hours. Salt is a natural absorber and dryer. It absorbs all the negative energy.
  • Don’t store unwanted furniture and things in the house. It blocks the free flow of energy and increases negative energy.
  • Keep your house organized and tidy. Place furniture in a way that there should be airy and spacious atmosphere in the house. It allows positive energy to flow in the house.
  • Place plants and have greenery around you. Using different types of plants perform various work like cleaning the air, spreading good aroma, acts as antibacterial and antiseptic and also beautifies the house.
  • If you find blockage in the energy then try to rearrange the furniture of the house to ease the flow of energy and increase positive energy.
  • Always follow your favourable direction while building rooms, doors, placing furniture and objects to ward off all the Vastu defects from the house.
  • Keep your main door tidy and clutter free. Main door is the inlet of energy so make sure your main door allows positive energy to enter. There should not be any tree, electric pole in front of the main door. It blocks positive energy. Along with it, do not keep shoe rack or other furniture at the main door that hinders opening of the main door. Main door should be beautiful and attractive.
  • Clean your house regularly. Dust all the items and remove spider web if any. Dirty and dusty house blocks the positive energy and brings adversity in life.
  • Mirrors can be used as Vastu solutions. Make sure you take the right advice from Saral Vaastu expert.
  • Use positive paintings, fragrances, wall hangings and sound to invite positive energy in the house.

These Vastu tips to clean your home of negative energy are very simple and easy-to-apply. You can follow these tips and other unique Vastu tips by Saral Vaastu and make your home Vastu compliant.

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