Vastu Consultation is the First Step For A Better Insight of Vastu

Vastu is a vast science of architecture that focuses on Cosmic energy. Cosmic energy is an omnipresent energy that affects our lives. This energy can be positive or negative due to many external factors. Cosmic energy has a definite flow in a certain direction. Any obstruction in this path can increase negative energy.

Vastu consultants around the world focus on this energy balance by providing Vastu solutions for various Vastu defects. Although there are many pseudo Vastu experts, who misguide common people by their half awareness of complete Vastu Shastra. The increasing disbelief in Vastu Shastra is due to these incorrect Vastu Consultation. To get a better insight of Vastu Shastra, always look up to a knowledgeable and genuine Vastu expert.

At Saral Vaastu, Guruji has studied Vastu Shastra and its deep principles over 20 years. Based on Vastu, he established Saral Vaastu Principles. According to Saral Vaastu, cosmic energy can be balanced through 3 rules. With the correct direction, structure and chakras, one can balance the imbalanced energy. These 3 rules are

  • Connect with cosmic energy through direction
  • Balance the cosmic energy through structure
  • Channelize the cosmic energy through chakras

Saral Vaastu provides Vastu consultation related to direction, structure and chakras. According to Guruji “the favourable direction for anyone is completely based on an individual’s date of birth”.

For instance, a father has been successful in his house throughout life but his son is not able to see success in the same house. This happens due to their different date of birth.

The main crux of the problem is that nowadays the Vastu consultants and their books promote and suggest blindly, certain structural changes in the name of Vastu, leading to unnecessary expenditure on the householder. As the structure is disturbed, it causes disturbances in the surroundings. By using resources like steel, cement, limestone, clay, iron etc. there is still greater demand for all the natural resources, thereby creating an imbalance in nature.

In contrast to this, Saral Vaastu suggests and involves no structural changes. Instead, certain materials are used to substitute for the breaking- up of rooms and structures, for the rectification of structural defects. Cost-wise, it substantially minimizes the burden on the person or householder seeking the required change, in order to usher in significant changes for the better, adding prosperity and good times to his life.

Precautions should be taken that the common people are not taken for a ride by these kind of pseudo Vastu consultants whose only aim and objective is to ensnare and milk more and more money out of the unsuspecting simpletons householders, belonging to the common middle class.

So for a better Vastu consultation, always consult a genuine Vastu consultant. For vastu consultation, contact Saral Vaastu experts.

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