Vastu Consultation: Know Where You Can Get Your Answers

Vastu plays an important role in harnessing the positive energy at your house or workplace. A Vastu compliant house or office can do wonders. Vastu is not any religion-centric script but it shows the way of living. Vastu consultation by knowledgeable and elite Vastu consultants define Vastu as a science. As like modern science, Vastu Shastra is also believed to be a science of energy. We all are made of energy and this is why any imbalance in the Cosmic energy around and within us can lead towards a less happier and less successful life.

We all encounter the innumerous myths everyday in our lives and Vatsu is not an exception. There are many myths prevailing about Vastu that it is a superstition or you need to break your house to make a Vastu compliant house.

Vastu Shastra is a Vedic science that focuses on directions and structures. This is the reason we experience the best architecture and structures that are standing tall and unaffected after thousands of years. This is not a fluke but the algorithm of science that helped these old monuments to be so unaged. Structure and directions are the major key players to allow free flow of energy. A correct layout plan helps energy to flow in favourable direction resulting in prosperity and success.

Guruji is a devoted Vastu consultant who established Saral Vaastu Principles after his in-depth and thorough research of Vastu Shastra for 20 years. He suggested that every problem we face in our lives is due to the imbalanced energy within and around us.

We are surrounded by many pseudo Vastu experts in every part of the city who project Vastu as an unacceptable and difficult solutions to ward off negative energy. Guruji has explained that Vastu is not just breakage or renovation of a house but it is a well-explained science that works on energy and favourable direction. With the help of right Vastu Consultation, you can enjoy a stress-free life.

The main crux of the problem is that nowadays the Vastu consultants or experts and their consultation promote and suggest blindly, certain structural changes in the name of Vastu, leading to unnecessary expenditure on the householder. As the structure is disturbed, it causes disturbances in the surroundings. Whereas it is a set of simple and easy-to-apply Vastu solutions.

At Saral Vaastu we analyze your house plan and find out the problems related to any directional, structural or placement related errors. Then our Vastu consultant provides you solutions after detailed study of the root cause of your problem. With the help of Saral Vaastu, you can feel the results within 9-180 days. Saral Vastu is one foundational Vastu consultation service that has been serving lakhs of people around the globe. So far with Guruji’s guidance over 50 lakhs people have been benefited and living a happy life.

Saral Vaastu Principles focuses on 3 major principles that are essential for the growth and happiness. They are

  • Connect with Cosmic Energy through Direction
  • Balance Cosmic Energy through Structure
  • Channelize Cosmic Energy through Chakras

These three rules emphasizes on balancing the Cosmic Energy for a better life. Saral Vaastu provides this energy balance with the help of favourable direction for an individual. Every person has 4 favourable and 4 unfavorable directions and they affect them hugely.

You can know your favourable direction based on your date of birth by Vastu consultants at Saral Vaastu and Vastu solutions to attract abundance and prosperity.

Steps to take Vastu Prediction:

  • Call 932-133-3022 for Vastu Prediction.
  • Our Team will book your appointment.
  • As per your appointment date, we will call you using video call and create your house plan.
  • After in depth analyzing your house plan, we will tell you what problems you are facing and the root cause of those problems.
  • Then as per your wish to proceed, we will provide you solutions for your house/workplace.

To experience changes in your life, get consultation from Saral Vaastu experts and feel the difference.

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It’s a service provided by “Guruji” for the betterment of mankind.

Steps for Free Prediction

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