Vastu for Kitchen – 7 Important Tips To Follow

The second most sacred place in the house is Kitchen after Pooja Room. We prepare food in kitchen that serve us as Energizer. Due to many health related hygiene, we keep our kitchen clean and tidy. Many of the infections carry out through contagious food or water. So we keep a keen eye on clean and healthy food.

In Vastu Shastra, the kitchen is responsible for health and relationship matters in a family. When we talk about Vastu for kitchen, it is majorly for addressing these two aspects i.e. health and relationships between family members. If we build kitchen as per Vastu, it becomes easy to minimize many problems and harness good relationship and health.

We keep on hearing that one direction is good for kitchen or the other direction is good for main door etc. according to Vastu Shastra. But with this fast-paced it is unlikely to get a house with the perfect Vastu. This is the new age of flat, apartments etc., It is hard to get a kitchen with the right Vastu.

According to Guruji, small and minor adjustments could be made as per Saral Vaastu recommendations as so to mitigate the effect of the popularly known certain direction being not there for the kitchen. Guruji has established Saral Vaastu Principles that says, “any person doing the cooking should have his / her date of birth approved favorable direction for cooking that should be followed.”

Vastu Shastra is not a set of fixed Vastu solutions that are the same for all. They vary person to person based on their date of birth. There are many myths prevailed by pseudo Vastu experts that every room and part of the house should have in a certain direction. But practically it is not possible that one direction can be favourable for all. So this myth needs to be debunked that Guruji advises. Vastu for kitchen also needs a favourable direction based on date of birth.

Saral Vaastu Principles based on the foundation of Vastu Shastra that prosperity or adversity is the outcome of Cosmic Energy. This energy surrounds us all the time. Any imbalance in this energy can cause harm and bring adversity in an individual’s life. This imbalance can be a result of wrong direction, structure or placement in kitchen Vastu. With the help of 3 rules of Saral Vaastu Principles, we can balance this energy in the kitchen. These are:

  • Connect with Cosmic Energy through Direction
  • Balance Cosmic Energy through Structure
  • Channelize Cosmic Energy through Chakras

These 3 rules are self-explanatory.

Vastu for kitchen lays down the rules for the placement and direction of the equipment in the kitchen.

Few generic terms can be adopted for Vastu for Kitchen:

  • Gas stove and sink should be in the right place – If they are not placed in the right place, it leads to fights and quarrels at home.
  • Gas stove and sink should never be in the same line – They both represent different elements and placing them together causes stress to tension between the inmates.
  • The stove knob should be placed in the favorable direction of the head of the family – This ensures good health for the whole family.
  • The kitchen should not be near the stairs – It blocks the flow of energy
  • The kitchen basin tap should never leak water – It leads to major financial loss. You will not be able to retain the money. Water leaking is symbolic of continuously losing the money
  • Any item in the kitchen should always be neat and clean – A dirty kitchen accumulates negative energy
  • Gas stove needs to be cleaned on a daily basis – To ensure hygiene and good health of all the family members.

Kitchen as per Vastu norms attracts good health and harmonious relationship between the house inmates. It ensures a happy and good life.

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