Vastu for Master Bedroom to Live a Happy Married Life

It has been said multiple times that a happy married life is a myth. This is not for the fact that such examples don’t exist. It is just that we all have formed a notion that married life can’t be happy. There have been multiple reasons that have been quoted for couples facing problems in their married life like the husbands coming too late from office or not spending enough time at home or the wives cribbing and taunting a lot about small things. Sometimes, it is because of some third person who creates a problem in their lives. These are the reasons which we see at an outset; however, what we majorly miss out on is the problem in our vastu which is more prominently called as vastu dosh. Now, we may wish to ignore this as much as we can, but the fact of the matter is Vastu for Master Bedroom is a critical part in a person’s married life.

There are a lot of Vastu tips for married life which make your married life lively. The most prominent among the various vastu points to be kept in mind are the Vastu tips for bedroom. It is highly advisable that you design and maintain your bedroom as per the various tips of Vastu for Master Bedroom. This includes the direction of the entrance of your master bedroom, the direction of your bed, the position of the toilet and the mirror. These things should be compliant as per vastu.
Keeping your master bedroom compliant to vastu keeps all the negative energies away from you and your house. Being compliant to vastu enhances the positive energy in your house as well as life.

These days, builders, architects and designers majorly tend to make or design homes as per vastu. However, you should always cross check it with Vastu Shastra experts in order to get better vastu compliant designs. Vastu Shastra will help you get the directions which favour the most, the colours that best fit your life. These small things will always enhance the life you live with your partner.

There are a few vastu shastra tips listed below that you should keep in mind for a happy married life:

You should not place water posters in your bedroom because it attracts negative energy in your house.

You should avoid keeping an aquarium in bedroom to keep the flow of positive energy in your house.

For a healthy relationship use couple photos (Ex: Radha Krishna, wife & Husband, love birds etc) in the bedroom at a relation direction to keep your bond strong.

If your toilet & bathroom is in sambhand sthan, then it will have an adverse affect on your relationship.(this is as per your date of birth)

Washing clothes & utensils in the relationship place, majorly your master bedroom (as per your date of Birth) at home can affect your relationship.

There are various Vastu tips for bedroom which are readily available at your service. Our experts are also available and ready to help you with detailed information on the master bedroom of your house. Following these tips will keep your house full of positive energy and will enhance the quality of your married life.

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