Vastu for Number of Doors to Attract Happiness and Luck

A Vastu compliant house is known as a magnet for all the positivity and happiness. Vastu science is the methods of using the best direction, structure and placement while constructing a house or a workplace. We all know that the Main Door of a house is one of the focus points where people pay keen attention while buying, constructing or renting a house. But do you know that not just direction, but the number of doors and windows are equally important to attract prosperity in the house. Following correct Vastu for Number of Doors helps to attracts happiness and good luck.

A house can become a happy magnet when energy in the house is flowing free and positive. We all are surrounded by an invisible omnipresent energy called Cosmic Energy. This energy has a definite path to flow and any obstruction due to wrong direction, incorrect structure or placement can lead to negative results. To address this problem, Saral Vaastu provides you the best solutions in terms of number of doors and windows. Guruji has established Saral Vaastu Principles that connect, balance and channelize Cosmic energy through direction, structure and placement. Saral Vaastu experts provide you personalized Vastu tips based on your date of birth.

Vastu for door helps you to increase positive energy in the house. Doors and windows are not just passage but also inlets and outlets for energies. So before buying, constructing or renting a house, you should apply Door Vastu and use proper number of doors and windows. Using right direction and location for doors and windows bring prosperity and good fortune.

Here are some Vastu tips for door to follow:

  • Always try to have more doors and windows in the North or East direction.
  • Follow proper ventilation while constructing doors and windows.
  • The doors and windows should be properly located and opposite to each other for better light and air flow.
  • Doors and windows should be in even number like 2,4,6,8 etc.
  • If you have a south facing house then have doors and windows in the North direction.
  • North facing house should have north facing doors.
  • East facing house should have an east facing door so the main door should fall towards the northern half or the side.
  • Doors should be at the corners of the wall, never in the centre of a wall.
  • South and South-West facing house should have entrance at that side. Use north or North-East corner for entrance in such houses.

These Door Vastu tips help you to increase positive energy in the house and attract abundance, prosperity and good luck.

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