Vastu for Pooja Room – 20 Vastu Tips to Open Door of Good Fortune

Importance of Pooja room is very well known in Indian traditional system. It is the centre of spirituality where we seek for peace. In Vastu Shastra, Pooja room or prayer room has its own significance. It is also considered as a centre of positivity in the house. Vastu for Pooja Room enhances the positivity in the entire house and impacts every family member’s well being and success.

Saral Vaastu Principles focuses on the flow of the omnipresent Cosmic energy. Any obstruction due to Vastu Dosh in Pooja room can stop or disturb the flow of energy in a positive way. This can evoke hazardous and negative outcomes. Entire family has to face the consequence of this imbalanced cosmic energy.

With the unique Vastu solutions shown by Guruji can mitigate the negative impacts of imbalanced energy and allow it to flow freely and smoothly. After his 20 years of deep research, he conceptualized the Vastu fact that Vastu solutions for any person that differ for person to person are basically based on his/her date of birth. He explained that if a father is seeing full growth and happiness of life in a house, why his son isn’t getting expected results of his efforts? Reason lies in Vastu of the house which is apparently based on their date of births that are different.

Since Pooja room is a hub for positivity so it is essential to build Pooja room as per Vastu. Vastu for Pooja room has many applicable-to-all solutions other than the unique ones. We can use these Vastu tips for Pooja room to increase spirituality, positivity and good vibes in the house:

1. Keep your Pooja room always clean.
2. Keep Pooja room always positive with proper lighting and aroma (lit diyas and incense sticks)
3. Use Camphor (Kapoor) in Pooja room. It cleanses the environment and bring positivity.
4. Never keep any dustbin in the Pooja room.
5. Try not to keep statues or idols at home. Instead keep photo frames and pictures.
6. Always keep Lord pictures, frames etc. on a heighted platform. They should never be placed parallel to floor.
7. The pictures of the God/Goddess should be placed in front of the door of the Pooja room.
8. The door of Pooja room should not be made of wood.
9. Dome, Kalash (vessel) etc. should not be built in the Pooja room at home.
10. According to Vastu for Pooja room, toilets, stores etc. should not be built in the direction or near the Pooja room.
11. Toilets should not be built even above or below the Pooja room.
12. According to Vastu Shastra, one should not build Pooja room in the bedroom.
13. Light yellow color is often considered auspicious for the Pooja room, so as per Pooja room Vastu, paint the walls of it with light yellow color.
14. The floor should be made of light yellow or white colored stone.
15. If there is no separate place for Pooja room in your house, then you can build it in the kitchen in the northeast direction. They both considered the most sacred places of a house.
16. Always try to build a temple on the ground floor.
17. Don’t keep broken idols or idols brought from the old temples in the Pooja room.
18. Always keep in mind that the windows should be in the north and the east direction.
19. The windows should be at some distance away from the main temple.
20. Never keep expensive items, money or jewelry hidden in the Pooja room. God becomes unhappy by doing so.

By following these Vastu and building a Pooja room as per Vastu can open the door of your luck and good fortune. To reap more fruits of Vastu, consult Saral Vaastu expert for detailed analyzed Vastu solution. Your Pooja room can be the reason for your prosperity and happiness.

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