Vastu for Pooja Room – Repository of Positive Energy

The most sacred place of any house is “Pooja Room” or “Prayer Room”. This is the place where we offer prayers to God and seek blessings for a happy life. In India, Pooja Room considered as the most auspicious corner of home where positive energy dwells.

Since this place is known as the treasure of positive energy, any kind of negativity can harm the happiness and prosperity of the house. To understand any hindrance in the flow of positivity through Pooja Ghar, we should focus on Vastu for Pooja Room. Vastu Shastra or Science of Vastu holds an important place for Pooja Room and it’s direction. Pooja room as per vastu helps to energize ‘Ajna Chakra’ for knowledge & intelligence and ‘Sahasra Chakra’ for better health , good bonding among family members and peaceful life.


What factors do affect the Vastu for Pooja Room?

Vastu for Pooja Room involves placement of idols, direction of worshiping place and various items that are placed in the pooja room.Any adversity which comes due to incorrect Vastu of Pooja Room can be removed by the help of right Vastu.Barriers in the cosmic energy flow can create life-related problems such as health, wealth, education, career, job, business, marriage, relationship etc. To address these issues in life, an individual needs to follow Guruji’s Saral Vaastu Principles.

Guruji explained the major reason for any adversity in life is due to imbalanced cosmic energy of a house. To bring balance and harmony in life, Saral Vaastu Principles can be adopted. These principles are 3 step process where an individual needs to :

  1. Connect with the cosmic energy with directions,
  2. Balance the cosmic energy with structure
  3. Channelize the cosmic energy with Chakras.

By absorbing this energy flow, one can attain total happiness.


How Vastu for Pooja Room can be decided?

There are no generically speaking Good or Bad direction, placement or layout applicable to everyone blindly. It cannot be the same for all. To deciding correct Vastu for Pooja Room, a detailed and studied Vastu Plan needs to be prepared and this can be done by an individual’s date of birth. With the 20 years of research and study, Guruji brought the life-changing fact of Saral Vaastu which explains that date of birth is the key factor in deciding right directions and Vastu for anyone.

How a house is giving growth and fruitful results to father, but with the same vastu, his son is not able to achieve anything in his life. If Vastu is the same for everyone, why father and son cannot reap the same results of their efforts? The answer lies in the date of birth. Any favourable and unfavourable directions depend on an individual’s date of birth and that’s how Vastu for Pooja Room is designed by Saral Vaastu. By making a few changes in Pooja Room, Saral Vaastu can bring abundance, happiness and good fortune.

Saral Vaastu insists on unique Vastu solutions for each individual but still to curb the negative flow, one can follow a few Vastu Tips for Pooja Room. In addition to unique Vastu solutions, many myths about Pooja Room are common which can be debunked. Thus with the help of Saral Vaastu, one can bring harmony, happiness, positivity and success in his/her life.

Did you know?

After adopting Saral Vastu Principles, you can solve your life-related problems within 9 to 180 days

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