Vastu for Toilet is Important to Lead a Happy Life

Your house is a depository of energy so make sure you store only positive energy in the house. The energy plays a chief role in the prosperity or adversity of a family. Toilet and bathroom in the house is considered as the most negative place. Vastu for toilet becomes important to remove this dwelling negativity from a house. If the ratio of negative energy is more than the positive then the inmates have to face the adverse effects and problems.

This energy is called Cosmic energy. For a happy and successful life, cosmic energy needs to be balanced. Any imbalance in the energy causes ill effects. This imbalance occurs due to obstruction in the free flow of energy. This obstruction is the result of improper Vastu. Toilet Vastu can help to mitigate the issues caused by the Vastu defects in toilet and bathroom.

Saral Vaastu provides you the vastu solution for toilet and bathroom without any structural changes or breakages. The Vastu for toilet is based on an individual’s date of birth. Constructing a toilet in a favour direction minimize the obstruction in the way of energy flow.

This energy can be strengthened through Guruji’s Saral Vaastu Principles. These three rules include connect with the energy through direction (favourable), balance the energy through structure and channelize the cosmic energy with chakra. These three rules help to increase positive energy in the house.

With the help of toilet Vastu, one can fight against various health-related issues and other problems. These Vastu tips for toilet are:

  • The door of the toilet should always be closed
  • Lid of the toilet pot should remain closed
  • Plants should be kept in the toilet
  • Rock salt should be kept at the corners of the toilet
  • Construct toilet 1-2 feet higher than ground level
  • Colour of the toilet walls should prefer light colours
  • Avoid having a water closet, in the toilet, above or under pooja room, fire or bed place
  • Avoid toilets in the centre of the home
  • Toilets should not be near to the kitchen due to hygiene reasons
  • Don’t sit in front of the toilet or bathroom while studying; it affects your children’s concentration.

These Vastu tips for bathroom can help to attract prosperity and good health in a family. In a house toilet is as important as other parts of the house so following Vastu for toilet is equally important to lead a happy life.

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