Know how Vastu helps solving Marriage Problems?

Marriage, millions of young men and women in India dream of the day they will get married. People, before getting married, believe that marriage is a sugar-induced trip with loads of goodness and love in it. But that’s a dream my friend! Every couple, no matter how healthy a relationship they have, go through tough phases. When solving everyday problems in marriage become a tug-of-war over who’s right and who’s wrong, then settling even the smallest of discussions becomes a battle. We say, great relationships develop not from the absence of conflict, but from determining an agreeable pattern for how Vastu helps solving Marriage Problems?

Before we get into Vastu for relationship, it is a must to understand how to solve conflicts through communication and respect. So if you care about your partner, here are some easy rules that you should be adopting as part of your conflict-resolving regime:

Don’t scream

Adding different sorts of emotions cloud the clarity of what actually happened. If your partner is yelling, it becomes especially important that you don’t raise your voice so as to give you partner some space to cool down and to prevent a natural conflict of competing interests. And trust us; no conflicts are resolved with a loud and harsh tone.

Appreciate one another

A thank you for something nice here and there didn’t hurt someone. Also, saying sorry to your partner, even if they made the mistake, can make a big difference in a long way.

Don’t be shy to apologize first

Although the idea of waiting for the other person to apologize first seems justifying, it’s actually a guaranteed sign of how you care more about being right than in coming to a reconciliation of the problem. So do not hesitate to apologize even if it’s not you who is at fault. There is nothing right or wrong here. Remember you love them.

Look into each other’s eye

If the argument has already started, sit down, and discuss it eye to eye. If your spouse is not willing to sit down, be the ‘bigger and more patient person’ in the conversation and ask them nicely to sit down. This trick will help decrease your partner’s anger to a great extent.

Show that you care

In the midst of a disagreement, you can never underestimate the power and importance of reminding the other person that you care about them and believe in them. Even while keeping you point, tell them how much you love them and what is hurting you and why.

Do not abuse

Exaggerated language is often proof of an exaggerated understanding of what actually happened and moreover bad words will only make the situation worse. If you swear, the other party is likely to only hear the swearwords and will stop listening for any valid points that you are that you are trying to make whilst the argument.

Do not poke

Do not pick at your partner for little things, it will only increase the heat of the arguments between the two of you. For example, your husband might move some of the pillows on to the other chair after he comes home from work every day and you put them back. Make it a habit! Similarly, if your wife likes to arrange your clothes, give it to her to put in order so that both of you are happy. Nagging never helps anyone.

The couples can also practice Vastu Shastra for love and spark in their marriage. Here are some Vastu tips for relationships which brings peaceful and happy married life:

1) Sleep in South-West or South bedroom

2) Paint the bedroom with light and soothing colors

3) A wooden bed is recommended as per Vastu Shastra for relationship

4) You can keep fresh flowers in the bedroom and make sure to change them often

5) You can keep fresh flowers in the bedroom; make sure to change them often

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