Vastu House Plan : Change the Way You Live

How much time do you spend to design your dream house? We all put endless efforts to turn our dream house into a dream home. But what if you have to face obstacles due to Vastu house plan? Building a house is not just erecting a structure but it is the energy house that affects our life.

Cosmic energy is the factor that lays the foundation of a happy house. Vastu Shastra defines the importance of energy in house plan. This cosmic energy flows in a definite direction and any interruption in its flow, due to external factors like direction, structure or placement of things in a house, brings negative results.

This blockage of energy creates many life-related problems in wealth, health, career, relationship, business, marriage etc. We at Saral Vaastu understands the raging issue of absence or improper Vastu house plan in our lives and to address these problems, Guruji has established Saral Vaastu Principles. These principles allow an individual to mitigate the negative effects of wrong house plan and attract happiness and success.

With the help of connecting, balancing and channelizing Cosmic energy with the Vastu changes in direction, structure and opening chakras.

These changes can be suggested on the basis of your date of birth. Yes! Guruji has researched in-depth about Vastu Shastra and concluded that Vastu solution and remedy for any individual depends on his/her date of birth. It varies from person to person and not just a standard set of same solutions.

If you are constructing a house then try to involve Vastu norms in Vastu house plan. If you want to apply Vastu plan in your already constructed house then you should follow few Vastu solutions and remedies in house plan.

Vastu house plan involves different parts of a house that affects overall wellness of all the family members. House plan consists:

  • Main Door
  • Living Room
  • Bedroom
  • Kitchen
  • Pooja Room (Prayer Room)
  • Study Room

By constructing different rooms and parts of a house in your favourable direction can attract abundance and good fortune in your life. With Saral Vaastu you can balance cosmic energy by using effective Vastu solutions for house. Saral Vaastu offers:

  • Vastu solutions for owned/rented properties
  • Exclusive and unique solutions based on date of birth
  • No need of structural changes or breakages
  • Positive results within 9-180 days
  • Adopt once, benefit for Lifetime
  • Lead happy and prosperous life

Few quick Vastu tips for house to practice by all:

  • Keep salt in the washroom to remove negativity from.your home.
  • If anyone I feeling low, depressed or stressed in your house, rotate fistful of salt around them for 3 or 5 times in circular motion and immerse it in water or fire. Salt is considered as best negative energy killer.
  • Keep your home airy, clean and clutter-free.
  • Remove unwanted furniture and junk items from house.
  • Use positive pictures/paintings/wall-hangings
  • Always face your favourable direction.
  • Ring bell in all corners of your home to ward off the negative energy from your home.

These simple and quick tips can remove negative energy from the house due to improper house plan. By following other Vastu remedies suggested by our Saral Vaastu experts, you can get rid off from the bad effects of inappropriate Vastu house plan.

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