Vastu Shastra – Science of Architecture, Know In and Out

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science for designing or constructing any structure, monument, temple etc. This science was popular from the Vedic age. We are experiencing the greatness and richness of this architectural science with the historic monuments and structures that are standing tall after centuries. There are strong proofs of practicing principles and theories of Vastu by our ancestors.

These accepted practices are now becoming very popular. People are more intend to construct their houses based on Vastu. Now people are going towards the traditional principles and adopting Vastu Shastra for House and workplaces. Everyone wants to lead a happy and prosperous life so they are paying attention to Vastu Shastra plan of a house.

We are going towards our roots so Vastu is also one of our ancient roots that are being followed religiously nowadays. Vastu plan is now being followed by various individual for getting desired outcomes.

Vastu focuses on directions which allow an omnipresent energy to flow freely. This energy is called “Cosmic Energy”. We all are surrounded by this energy every time that affects our lives greatly. Any imbalance in Cosmic field brings negative impact on our lives. This energy affects every field of life like money, health, career, marriage, relationship etc.

This energy needs an uninterrupted way to flow. Vastu provides this free flow by Vastu principles applied in structure and direction. If energy flows in its definite direction, one sees happiness, prosperity and success in all spheres of his/her life.

Although, Vastu is a vast subject to study, many self-proclaimed experts have invoked and created myths about Vastu Shastra for house. The incorrect Vastu can be hazardous to an individual so it is important to consult someone trustworthy and real Vastu expert. Adopting apt Vastu brings positive results in one’s life.

How many of us know that Vastu principles depend on an individual’s date of birth. Dr. Sh. Chandrashekhar “Guruji” has established Saral Vaastu Principle by his 2 decades of in-depth study. According to Guruji,Vastu rules and tips depend on an individual’s date of birth (i.e. owner of the house or workspace).

It can be understood by an example: A father has seen a tremendous success and a happier life in a house but his son is not happy and successful as him living in the same house. Vastu Shastra plan for father is appropriate in that house but for son.

Saral Vaastu Principles are are the set of 3 rules that focuses on Cosmic Energy exclusively. According to Guruji to achieve best results one should

  • Connect with Cosmic Energy through direction
  • Balance Cosmic Energy with structure
  • Channelize Cosmic Energy with Chakras

Saral Vaastu Principles provides the best Vastu solutions to lead a healthy and happy life.

Vaastu Shastra deals with various aspects of designing and building living environment that is in harmony with the physical and metaphysical forces. Building practices based on limited interpretations of these principles are still sustained and practiced in specific areas of India. Though Vaastu from outside seems to be conceptually similar to Feng Shui, which also aims at harmonizing the flow of energy, (also called Life Force or ‘Prana’ in Sanskrit as similar to ‘Chi’ in Chinese) through the house; it differs in the details, such as the exact direction in which the various objects, rooms, materials etc. are to be used and placed.

There are some Vastu Norms which affect Vastu Shastra for house. They are:

  • There should not be a full grown tree- growth, just opposite to the householder, if it is already there, then there is no need to cut down the tree. By using few Vastu solutions by a Vastu expert, the negative effects can be reduced.
  • A house should not have any transformer & electric cables with tower in front of the main door. It may cause immense disturbances or disharmony in the household, leading to ‘financial disability’ and acute health issues.
  • There should not be a flyover, passing just beyond the house or passing nearby. It can cause immense conflicts in the house. Vastu solutions can minimize the bad effects in such houses.
  • No roundabout & crossroad, near the house or passing over. Houses situated, just near the Circle, are a cause of unfortunate disturbances and conflicts in the family pertaining to health, wealth, finance & mental disturbances.
  • Never build staircase in front of the main door or next to it. It may cause huge financial loss and retention of wealth at home.
  • There should not be a road in front of the house. If there is a road running in front of the house, just outside the main gate of the house facing the main door then this is a very serious omission as ideally one should not have a house constructed just beyond or beside or adjacent to a road as it is a very serious Vastu defect that may cause, the financial position of the ‘Breadwinner’ or the ‘householder’.
  • No splay road in front of the main door of the house. If any building, house or office situated in front of splay road then it might be the cause of minor or major accidents or unfortunately, family members of such home have to bare unwanted suffering or torment.

These house related problems can be addressed by Vastu Shastra plan. Vastu Shastra for house is an important matter to be concerned about for a better and healthy lifestyle. To attract happiness one should follow right Vastu norms.

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