Vastu Shastra Tips to Resolve Workplace Conflicts

All of us desperately wait for the Friday to end so that our weekend starts and we can have some time off work (God bless people working on Saturday) and enjoy it with a peaceful mind. Now, the question is why do we wait for the weekend so desperately? Is it only because we run away from work? Or is it also because of the conflicts that we have at workplace, maybe with our colleagues, boss or sub-ordinates?

Well, the answer to these is all of them but what really pisses us off are the conflicts at our workplace. We keep cribbing about how our boss differs from our view point or how our colleagues’ point of view matters more. Now, there can be many causes to these conflicts which are not important. What is important is the solution. Vastu tips for office are a very useful in such cases. There are a few things you could do in order to resolve workplace conflicts. Few of them are listed below:


One of the primary reasons of our conflicts at workplace is that we don’t listen. We fail to understand that the person speaking should be respected. We, sometimes are very active and unintentionally interrupt them or cut short their opinion. This for us, is normal because we don’t realize how that person feels. Hence, it is of utmost importance to listen to everyone’s opinion and then take a decision. Vastu Shastra for office helps you stay focused and take better decisions after listening properly.


Patience, by far, is one of the must have qualities that should have in you. This quality has been passed all tests of time and situations and people who have had these qualities have always benefitted. Vastu for office helps you stay positive and patient. This allows you to consider everyone’s opinion with a peaceful mind and take a decision which is best for the business.

Speak when required:

A wise man’s word are valued the most because they choose their words and time very wisely. Now, how is this relevant here? It indeed is because of the fact that conflicts arise when we speak without thinking and without understanding the situation. Better practice should be to understand the situation, wait for your turn and choose the best of words to put forth your point. This will not only make it very effective, but also will decrease the chances of people conflicting with your ideas.

Do not abuse/scream:

No matter how bad your mood is, or how bad your meeting has been, one thing should always be in control and that is your temper. Temper plays a very important role in avoiding workplace conflicts because, we, sometimes without realizing, shout at or abuse our colleagues for no reason.This creates negativity around you and is not a good sign.

  • Facing your 1st favourable direction while in office activates 7 chakras and improves the work efficiency
  • Maintaining a healthy fish aquarium in the North direction of the hall attracts positive energy at workplace
  • Sitting in your 1st good direction at workplace helps you in business growth.
  • Wearing clothes of your favourable colours will help you attract positive results in all aspects of your life

Saral Vaastu can help you a lot in solving conflicts at workplace.

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