Vastu Tips for Car Parking- A Valuable Solution to Enjoy Smooth Ride

In this contemporary world, an automobile is one of the prominent parts of our life and we often tend to look after it as a part of our family. Some people even dedicate an adorable name to their vehicle. Although a lot of expenditure is incurred on maintenance of the vehicle, everyone should pay attention to the safety of the car for its low maintenance and long life. We require transportation to get from one place to another, whether our destination is far or near, travelling by private vehicle makes it easy to get there. Irrespective of the mode of transport we take, whether bus, car or bike, we often hear about accidents taking place. Therefore, it is necessary to create a positive environment with the help of Vastu.

The Indian architectural system has a unique solution to bring peace and prosperity in our lives. Essentially, Vastu is based on balancing the cosmic energies, it helps to attract positive energy and drive away negative energy. This can be done by applying the four sciences of Direction, Structure, Energy, and Chakra. Vastu for parking is essential and the combination of these four sciences aid to balance energies in your garage and improve the prevailing aura.

Some of the Vastu tips which can be followed for the garage are

  • While constructing and designing the car shed, the location of the garage should be in your favourable direction and ensure that the garage is at a separate place and not attached to the house.
  • If you own a big vehicle, it is best to park the vehicle in your favourable direction. If the vehicle is in your favourable direction, it will not require constant repairs and frequent visits to the garage.
  • The floor level of the garage in your premises should be sloping towards your favorable direction.
  • Ensure that the car shed does not touch the main building or the compound wall.
  • At the time of car parking, the car should be parked in the front portion towards your favorable direction. This would ensure that the car does not get overheated.
  • Do not store any unnecessary materials in the garage. Avoid keeping unwanted materials as these might adversely affect the garage.

The Four Sciences play a prominent role in our lives and Vastu for the garage is essential to create a harmonious flow of energy and improve the aura of our environment. The combined application of four sciences will help you to maintain positive energy in your garage and negate the risk of an accident. Adopt the four sciences and balance the energies in your garage to enjoy a smooth ride.

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