Vastu Tips to bring success in 2017

“Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties.”

New Year 2017 is upon us and people are getting ready to welcome it in their own unique ways. Some may make resolutions to start a good habit or a hobby, some may set a goal to get promoted or attain a professional or educational certificate, whereas others may try to mend fences with old acquaintances. No matter what, people always plan to start afresh on the 1st of January. Of the top 5 targets or resolutions that people set for them are good health, ways to make money, career growth, improved ties with family and friends, and success in New Year.

But did you know that by following Vastu tips of Saral Vaastu you can achieve all your goals? Vastu has the power to drive you on any path you deem fit. It does so by increasing the positive energy around you and building inside you a zest to handle things and life as a whole. So when the New Year 2017 arrives why not try to implement these Vastu tips, which is a proven science of tapping structural energies. So let Vastu be a part of your New Year resolution. The reason why everyone should follow Vastu in the coming year is because Vastu does not need constant attention or maintenance. All that a person is required to do is implement the principles of Vastu in daily life (as well as in home or office) and Vastu will start working without the person having to worry about it.

The general Vastu tips are really easy to implement and does not cost anything. Some of the simple ways to implement Vastu in at the home are as follows:

  • Keep your house clean and clutter free. Things lying around in an unorganized manner can create negativity in the mind.
  • Remove old and broken materials from under the bed. As per Vastu it is important to keep the area surrounding your bed free of any mess.
  • Make sure that all the doors in your house (especially the main door) open fully, i.e. there should be no furniture obstructing it.
  • Remove damaged or non-functioning clocks from the house.
  • Make sure that none of the pipes and faucets in the home is leaking.

Above mentioned are some simple ways to follow Vastu in any dwelling. However Saral Vaastu principles go one step further and they activate or balance the chakras in the body. When the chakras are functioning properly a person is at optimal health and finds inner peace. Given below are some Vastu tips from Saral Vaastu:

  • Place your head in your 2nd favorable direction while sleeping as it will activate your seven chakras and improve health related issues.
  • Know about the four favorable and four unfavorable directions, and how they can help you succeed.
  • Wear cloths of your favorable colors to attract positive results in all aspects of your life
  • Make use of Vastu items to remove negative energies resulting from Vastu dosh
  • Clean your house with rock salt water to enhance the positive energy in the house

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