Want To Invest Money But Find It Very Difficult?

Warren Buffet once said “Never depend on a single income. Make investment to create a second source.” Seems so easy to implement, right? But, it’s not. The biggest mistake that all of us majorly do is that we find it extremely difficult to invest. We fail to create that second source of income. We buy things that are not necessary and spend like crazy. In the process, we sometimes reach a stage where we have to sell things which we need for our daily consumption.

We ‘think’ that investing is very easy. All we have to do is redirect a part of our earning to the various investment plans that are available in the market. However, over the period of time, we have failed to execute what we ‘think’ is easy. Investing has become one of the most difficult things for us and at this pace and attitude, I’m pretty sure that we can also reach a stage where it becomes impossible to invest. Maybe, just maybe, that is when we take it as a challenge to invest and start implementing it.

But, it would be too late. Few of us who have already started doing it will be living their life very comfortably. They would take long vacations, wear expensive clothes and watches, drive the elite class of cars and still not worry about it. There are very few things that have to be taken care of in order to make our investing decisions simpler.

Here are a few tips that shows why it is so difficult for us to invest money with a solution to those difficulties mentioned along with them:

1. We have a habit of spending our money first and invest the remaining money. This should not be the case. We should invest a part of our salary first and spend the remaining part. Your spending has to be really wise as they contribute a lot in your investments.

2. When we invest our money, we don’t have any objectives, in most cases. It’s can be described as a headless chicken moving here and there without any direction or something like a traveler who is not aware of his destination.

3. One has to be really patient when it comes to investment. It should be more like watering the garden and watching the grass grow. Investment doesn’t have to be entertaining. It has to super boring and that is what tests your patience and gives you great results.

4. We often keep asking the same question to ourselves on what is the right time to start investing. Well, the simplest answer to this question is “NOW”. Yes, you should start investing right now if you haven’t started it yet.

5. One has to give up on his emotions to be a good investor. Emotions are an investor’s biggest enemy. Yes, bigger than the stock market. For emotions, maybe maintaining some minimum stock in your bank account should be able to help.

6. You have to be really informed and educated on the stock or any investment product that you are investing in. It would be very foolish to invest without information. Hence, knowledge of the investment is very important.

7. Lastly, be wise in your investment decisions. Don’t take too high a risk. As quoted by Warren Buffet, “you should not test the depth of a river with both your feet”. Hence, staying alert and calculative is important.

Few tips from our Saral Vaastu Experts which can keep the negativities and difficulties away from you:

1. Make sure that there is no leakage in tap or sink to avoid financial Losses

2. Center of the house should not have staircase or toilet/bathroom as this will have negative impact on Health and wealth

3. Wearing clothes of your favorable colours helps in attracting positive results in all aspects of your life

4. Install water fountain in front of the main door to attract positive energy in the house

5. f there is any defect in the Goddess Saraswati sthan at your home it will have a negative impact on your knowledge and education(indirectly it will negatively impact your business growth and wealth creation)

6. The doors in your house should not be in a straight line of the main door as it will have a negative impact on your health and wealth

7. Ringing bell inside the house helps to eradicate negative energy from the house and attracts positive energy.

8. Offer fresh flowers to God to enhance the positive energy in the house.

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