Welcome Positive Energy in the Living Room through Vastu Tips

Living room is the room where we try to put in extra effort as this is the place where our guests come and sit. This is also a best memory gatherer where we spend our good times with family, watching TV together, having conversations and cherish our family time. Everyone desires a tidy and beautiful living room with lots of positive energy. Also, according to Vastu Shastra, the living room is also responsible for welcoming energy in the house. This is the first stop by in every house that can reflect positive or negative energy. Make sure that your living room should always reflect bright, vibrant and positive energy on everyone.

Saral Vaastu also describes the importance of directions, structure and placement of furniture, electronics, decorative items and other artifacts in the living room. A right Vastu can make a living room vivid and lively. Guruji has established Saral Vaastu Principles to address all the problems related to the living room. Sometimes due to wrong direction, incorrect structure or improper placement of furniture and other things, the cosmic energy around us gets disturbed and leads to attract a lot of negative energy.

This uninvited negative energy can impact lives of all the family members and they have to face life-related problems like health, wealth, career, job, business, marriage, relationship etc. To balance this cosmic energy, you should follow three steps of Saral Vaastu Principles. By connecting, balancing and channelizing cosmic energy with the help of the right direction, structure and opening chakras, these issues can be resolved.

Saral Vaastu experts provide effective and easy-to-apply Vastu tips for living room. They tell you the best direction for your living room, furniture, electronics and other heavy stuff with the right place for all the wall hangings, decorative items etc. Remember, “your best direction is always based on your date of birth. Vastu tips cannot be the same for everyone and it varies person to person”, says Guruji.

Let’s read Vastu tips for Living Room:

  • Try to build a living room in your favourable direction as per your date of birth.
  • Living room in the North attracts wealth and good health to the inmates.
  • Floor of the living room and ceiling should slope towards either east or north.
  • Living area should be very clean and tidy.
  • Door of the living room should be situated in the east or north direction. They attract wealth, money, growth and overall development.
  • Heavy furniture should be kept in either south or west direction.
  • Furniture should be square or rectangular in the shape not in oval, circular or any irregular shape.
  • Living room should be bright and well-lit.
  • Do not hang pictures or frames that emit negative energy like sad people, war, loss or crying people.
  • Place television in the South-East corner.
  • Always place air conditioner or cooler in West, North-West or East and not in South-East.
  • Walls of living room should be painted with soothing colors like white, yellow, light blue or green.
  • Do not paint red or black color on the living room walls.
  • Use paintings that reflect positive energy like God, nature, landscapes etc.
  • Do not use plastic flowers, dried flowers, cactus or bonsai plants in the living room. They are inauspicious.
  • Use light curtains in the north-east doors and windows and heavy curtains in the south-west doors and windows.
  • You can place a water fountain in the North direction.
  • We all love chandelier in the living room so use it in the south or west corner. Never in the centre.
  • Living room should be airy and well ventilated for positive energy.

These simple tips can enhance the positive cosmic energy in the living room and allow you and guests to feel relaxed and peaceful. It also increases your social status and relationship. So Vastu for living room is an essential part in the Vastu Shastra.

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