Satisfied Beneficiaries of Saral Vaastu’s Vastu for Education

“Education is the proverbial tree that always gives and never takes anything back.”

In the fiercely competitive world of today, the students face problems that acts as hindrance to their understanding and cognitive process.

  • Diversion of mind
  • Lack of interest
  • Lack of memory power

These common problems faced by the students of all major age groups, are sometimes redressed by trained clinical counselors or clinical psychologists, who suggest remedies that takes Time, Effort, Energy and Money of the parents, who have to bear it despite all odds.

After undergoing extensive research on Vastu Shastra, Guruji came to the conclusion that for the students the most favorable Vidya Sthan should be without any defects according to Saral Vaastu principles. Similarly, concentration and improvement in memory power which is controlled by the Ajna Chakra could be done by charging them continuously by following the favorable directions while studying and sleeping.

Stimulation of the internal and the external power sources as enumerated by Saral Vaastu principles will definitely help students to attain maximum good results, in turn boosting their self confidence and belief in their capacities.

Neha Gulane: I could not concentrate on my studies and I used to get distracted very easily. After consulting with Chandrashekhar Guruji at Saral Vaastu for vastu for education , I used to sit to my favorable direction while studying. Due of that my grades have improved, and I would like to thank Chandrashekhar Guruji for that.

Tanya Shetty: I was not very keen on doing Saral Vaastu but since my mom insisted I did it. Saral Vaastu has brought a very massive change in all our lives, I cleared my exams, and my mom has done well. I was not able to clear my DGC exams and after I did Saral Vaastu at home for vastu for education I cleared the exams. Saral Vaastu told us which direction to face while attending important calls, my right color, etc. which made a big difference in my life. Thank you so much!

Shruthi Bajaj: Before Saral Vaastu my results were not satisfactory and my dad was upset, but after following Saral Vaastu he is satisfied with my efforts and results. Based on my experience and results I would suggest my friends and people listening to me to follow the principle of Saral Vaastu and it will give you satisfactory results. I used to work really hard but was not able to achieve my goals; but with the help of Saral Vaastu, and the directions and the colors combinations that they gave me, I was able to improve. They will certainly help you. Thank you!

Kiran Kapuriya: I am doing B.Com along with CA preparations. I did not have any problems with studies but I was always an average student. Then I started to follow the principles of Saral Vaastu’s vastu for education. They told me about my favorable direction and favorable colors that I can wear during my exams. I started following these principles and gave my TY B.Com exam which went really well. I also cleared my CA inter level exam, which I was previously not able to clear. So following Saral Vaastu has worked for my benefit. If there are students like me who work hard but still do not get satisfactory results then they should try this once. I would like to thank Saral Vaastu’s Chandrashekhar Guruji. It is only because of him that there has been a good progress in my studies and I am getting good results. So thank you!

Saroja Shetty: I moved to a new home and after seeing advertisements in the paper I wanted to check the problems in my house and know the purpose of different Sthans in the house. So I called the experts and they analyzed my house. They drew diagrams of my house and explained to me the Sthans. They also pointed out the faults in the house and the remedies. The major change I made was to the main entrance door. I also followed a few minor changes they suggested. My family has witnessed positive changes slowly but steadily. My daughter was able to clear her aviation exams very easily. Earlier she had difficulty clearing all the papers, but later she cleared her RT exams and DGCA papers. The word Saral in Saral Vastu means Easy, and they told us to follow the easy method. It does not matter whether you stay in your own home or a rented apartment, Saral Vaastu works in all cases. The main aim is to keep the house clean and welcome Goddess Lakshmi. I feel that Saral Vaastu will help everyone get better in life; to get true happiness use Saral Vaastu. May God bless Guruji so that he can make people’s lives better, solve the issues in every home and help everyone live happily. I am greatly indebted to Chandrashekhar Guruji because Saral Vaastu has made big positive changes to my home. Thank you!

Jagdish Kalyandurgamath: We followed Chandrashekharji’s principles and saw that it is beneficial in every field: education, business and profession. Relationship between my family members has definitely improved. I would also like to add that it is very simple to follow.

Woman: I asked Dr. Chandrashekhar about Saral Vaastu. He visited my house and made changes as per Vastu. Saral Vaastu is true to its name… it is very Saral. I like it because in old times the directions were suggested based on the eldest member of the house; but he suggested directions for everyone including my children. We stay in Mumbai and we cannot make too many changes to the house. Saral Vaastu made things very Saral and made suggestions that did not need too many changes. I am grateful to them

Shweta Shetty: Previously when I used to study my concentration level was not that good; but now I have improved. Earlier I had many distractions and used to complain to my mom about that. So my dad called Saral Vaastu experts to my home and they told me to face my favorable direction while studying. Initially I did not believe them but after following their instructions I saw great improvement in my results. I want to thank Chandrashekhar Guruji and the experts who have helped me improve in my studies.

Manohar Nawale: My children had trouble concentrating on studies as they had dyslexia. But after following Saral Vaastu not only has the concentration of my children improved they started showing an enthusiasm towards studies. Even I used to have concentration and memory issues. But after following their instructions I felt positive energy around me and my memory power improved. I never believed in it, but only a scholar who knows the directions can bring such a change. It is not a magic or miracle but the actual laws of physics related with positive and negative energy. I thank Chandrashekhar Guruji for the positive difference he was able to bring about in my family.

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