Mr. Y R Pawar : Vastu for Reducing Financial Loans – Mumbai

Mr.Pawar: I am Yashwant Ramchandra Pawar, staying in Vijay Nagari, Thane, Ghodbunder Road. My office, Merry Angel’s International Boarding school (which we run in Panchgani) is in Cinemax, Ghodbunder Road. We are operating this institute since the last 15 years. Since the last 15 – 20 years, we have been running this business quite well but we had to face many financial strains due to lack of infrastructure in the school campus, lack of admissions, and the burden of loans taken to run the school. Because of these reasons my family was stressed. They were not happy because of my mood swings and recovery agents from institutions frequently calling us at home. My family started questioning me about these loans and the financial functioning of the school.

They suggested me to close the school and avoid bankruptcy. Things were so bad that all my family members including my parents told me to come up with a solution and even I started thinking about closing the school.

I was mentally stressed, and my sugar level dropped. The whole thing deteriorated to such an extent that every month someone or the other in the family would be hospitalized. My elder had some health problems and we had to face the hospitalization procedures.

Mr.Pawar’s Son: I had a problem with my food pipe and had to be hospitalized once in every three months. My schedule was hectic which affected my education. My condition was so worse that most doctors from different hospitals told me that I only had a 50% chance of recovery after surgery.

Mr.Pawar: My children never dared to reason their actions or thought why they should study. They had to be told to do things. Everybody in my family used to tell me that you run a school, you guide other children but you are not able to give time to your own kids.

I was depressed, but I spoke with my wife and told her that I did not want to close the school. She started keeping fasts or Upvas. Then one fine day she saw an ad on the television for Saral Vaastu where Chandrashekhar Guruji’s interview was shown. My wife convinced me to approach Saral Vaastu for Vastu for Reducing Financial Loans. However I requested them beforehand that I will not make any structural changes in my house because of the money and permissions required. They assured me that there will be zero structural changes.

You won’t believe that after making these changes, within 15 days the parents of the students at my school started paying the pending fees. Previously two to three installments of my loans used to be pending, but due to the recovery of the fees I was able to pay two to three installments in advance.

We started following up with the Saral Vaastu architects and now we do not have any health problems. My low sugar level issue has gone and everything is under control. My children have overcome their phobias and can now openly interact with people. My wife’s blood pressure is now in control. The atmosphere of the whole family has changed especially health wise.

Mr.Pawar’s Son: Now I am doing great and the treatments are working fine. Because of the effects of Saral Vaastu I am able to eat properly. Saral Vaastu effects have been really important for me.

Mr.Pawar: Because of Saral Vaastu, our school is flourishing not only in Maharashtra or in India, but overseas as well. We are promoting medical students to go abroad to countries like Russia, Ukraine, South America and Guyana. It is all because of Saral Vaastu that we are prospering not only in India but overseas also.

Today everything is well including education, finances, health, and family and social relations. Today my work is appreciated in the society and I am happy about that. I would advise everyone to go Saral Vaastu at least once and take the guidance of Chandrashekhar Guruji; you will definitely prosper just like I have. This is my experience. If you believe in God and search for a true Guru in life, which I have found in Chandrashekhar Guruji, you too shall find your Guru.

Mr.Pawar’s Son: I want to thank Shri Chandrashekhar Guruji because he is the reason all my medical problems have been resolved. He is my lord.

Mr.Pawar: I believe that Chandrashekhar Guruji has guided me during my distress times. I hope that everyone in this planet be fortunate enough to get a guru like Chandrashekhar Guruji. On behalf of my family, the teachers, staff and students at Merry Angel’s International Boarding school and myself, I thank Chandrashekhar Guruji. God bless you!

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