Mr. Anil Sadanand : Vastu for Success in Business – Mysore, Bangalore

Hello, readers, my name is Anil Sadanand from Mysore, I am into business, I work for an internal security agency. That means in parallel we work with the police department, providing private security services to Banks, Industries, and many other organizations. My father is a retired police officer.

Before adopting Saral Vaastu as a part of my life, I had a lot of Business, financial and family issues. As I work for internal security agency it requires a lot of involvement, dedication, and seriousness to run it in a very conducive way. And with all of this comes a lot of tension and I used to get three times more of unnecessarily. And when I used to come back home though my wife and children used to show me a very positive attitude I used to take it very negatively.

One day one of my friend suggested me that I should take help of Saral Vaastu, where the vastu consultant advises some small changes to do and which in turns helps us to have a very conducive atmosphere at home.

After taking the help of Saral Vaastu my business and my financial conditions have improved very much. Today I have been a very comfortable man.

Saral Vaastu recommends our house to be in a square or in a rectangle shape as the flow of air and light is very important. This is what fen shui is all about, today chine is growing beyond anybody else’s imagination and even America is interested in following the Fen Shui culture.

India is very well known for Vastu and our cultures, which is much ahead than China but, unfortunately, we are not following it. Today Saral Vaastu is a blessing, where ‘Saral’ means very simple and not much of a money or physical endurance is required. Simple solutions will help you in a lot of ways. And there’s a phenomenal percentage for a man to lead a very healthy life for the rest of his future if he takes the help of ‘Saral Vaastu’.

I can not evaluate about Saral Vaastu and Chandrashekar Guruji as how much he has helped us with a minimum. I think if you go to a cafeteria or a fast food joint you would spend a couple of hundred to thousand bucks. But, here he hasn’t even charged me with a quarter of that money, but the result that I have got in returns is remarkable.

Saral Vaastu has helped me a lot to be cordial with my financial conditions, my children, and my wife. I hope most of us would take the help of this Saral Vaastu with minimum invasion of the money and time involved and there is a hundred percent result.

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