13. A Scientific Analysis Of The North East Direction

It is said that since the North-east is a very important direction, as according to the presently operating Vaastu experts and writers who firmly believe that no ‘Heavy Weights’ should be placed in this direction, as it can have severe repercussions. It can bring several problems to the family members residing in that house. Now the basic question is-‘Why there should not be any kind of weight in this direction’? Vaastu experts and scholars say expressing their opinion, that the ‘Head’ of the ‘Vaastu Purush’ lies in this direction; hence any weight in this direction, exerts pressure on the Vaastu Purush’s head leading to an angry Vaastu Purush, that in turn can cause family problems and disharmony. Since we are educated and understand these things by listening to good advice, in spite of that what a foolhardy person can bring upon himself and his family, this I am now going to emphasize with the help of a suitable example, that you can understand and think about.

A very well to do theater-owner in Hubli (Karnataka) invited me to his house a few years ago, for seeking Saral Vaastu tips from me for his home. As per his Date of Birth, I suggested minor modifications for his household. They had a staircase in the north-east direction, which was not at all problematic. He had been advised by some Vaastu Consultant that the staircase should be removed from there from its present location, as it is not suitable for the well-being of the inhabitants. Now our conversation was being overheard by the matriarch or the mother of the theater-owner. She was pleased by my suggestion of not making any alteration in the staircase as it was not causing any problems as suggested by the other Vaastu consultant. She further disclosed that the house had been built by her husband, 40 years back. She seemed to be very much disturbed and pained by the suggestion made by the other Vaastu consultant to remove the staircase. Surprisingly her son the theater-owner himself was a qualified civil engineer. So I advised him to believe in Scientific Principles rather than superstitions and hearsay.

To buttress my point of view further I asked him the following questions, one after the other to elicit a reasonable response from him so as to convince him. I asked him the first question-” How many theater did his father own”? His answer was-”one”. My next obvious question was, “how many theaters do you own now”? His reply was “Nine”. I explained to him that his father would have sold that theater if there was some heavy weight structure in the north-east corner of the theater, as per the Vaastu Consultant. Then if that were the case, he would not be having nine theaters now.

The theater- owner stood silent. He thought carefully and understood my logical and reasonable point of view and explanation. Then he fell in line with my point of view and decided to do away with the suggestion of that earlier Vaastu consultant and accept my simple Saral Vaastu scientific remedies, for the mitigation of his problems in Vaastu.

Saral Vaastu also believes that a Staircase in the middle of the house, if constructed or situated, can obstruct the flow of positive energy in the house that may lead to problems for each and every house member. So my suggestion is that the construction of staircase in the middle of the house is to be avoided at any cost as it fosters the breaking of the atmosphere of peace and tranquility at home. My wish is that except in the middle of the house, heavyweights, could be constructed in any direction.

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