8. Should ‘Puja Room’ Be Compulsorily Situated In The North-East Direction or Place !

This is a very – very fundamental question being asked to Vaastu experts by people who may follow different religions and faiths, but their belief in God is unshakable. Then if I were to ask another very important question – Does God really exist OR where does God exist- (In heaven or earth). This would indeed be a very perplexing question for one to answer as nobody can precisely answer this. Most of the people believe that God is omnipotent and omnipresent. But when the client asks the Vaastu expert or we need to know about the perfect positioning of the Puja Room or where the family idols and deities need to be placed, the uniform answer of the Vaastu pundits would be invariably pointing towards the North-EAST. Then what consequences could be faced by the householder and his family, if it isn’t situated in the North-east corner? This question remains, more or less unanswered.

A thorough analysis taking into cognizance the Saral Vaastu angle, would naturally bring the most potent question to the fore I.e.- Who is the authority that decides to place God in the north-east corner of the house ? If we are deliberating upon where to have the abode of Gods and Goddesses in our homes, then whom should we listen to or take advice from? If we human beings begin deciding where to place the ‘Almighty’ in our homes then who should listen to whom, should God listen to us or should we listen to God and more importantly, do we have the authority to really make our gods and goddesses listen to us mortals or simple human beings?

Then if God is forced to take the particular place of direction being incurred on the incense sticks and other puja requisites. So that is the reason, why our focus should be on the gaining of positive as liked by you or advised by any so called Vaastu expert, then we as human beings become Supreme as compared to God. Also who are we to decide that the North-east direction is God’s place in the house or the best place for God to be ‘established’ in our household. If we truly believe that God is omnipotent and omnipresent everywhere, then he or she should have the liberty to place themselves, anywhere in the household that they wish to and in any direction, they wish to. So accordingly and justifying, the Puja Room could be situated anywhere in the house as god is present everywhere.

Saral Vaastu provides a very simple and scientific solution to this problem. The Puja Room can be situated anywhere, except next to the bathroom or toilet or even utility rooms. Neither can the house be above or below the bathrooms and toilets, in multi-storied buildings. A simple reason for this is that, we aim at producing Positive Energy by lightening up the lamps in the Puja room, by offering flowers to God, or lighting up Camphor or ‘karpoor’, doing ‘mangal aarati’ or following other rituals. Now if the Pooja room were adjacent to either a bathroom or toilet, I will generate a lot of negative energy and disturb the environment balance present in the atmosphere. So this is a strict- ‘no-no.’

According to a survey conducted by our institute, there are people who show their utter frugality when even worshiping God. They will light only one camphor at a time, some will use two. Some will use only one incense stick or ‘agarbatti’, while some others will light up two or three together. Or, for that matter, some people may even reuse, the remaining stub of used Incense stick that has been extinguished, after the ‘Pujas’. It means that the people are just not concentrating on the Prayers that they are offering to their god and goddesses, they are much more concerned about the expenses energy derived from lightening them. Then also, lightening them for a short period of time and then putting them off means, we are inadvertently reducing the positive energy being generated during the process of lightening up, in the house. One needs to have a very clear understanding of the ways, of having or generating positive energy in the house.

The natural question that arises is how to generate more and more positive energy in a house or workplace. We can generate more and more positive energy in any house by offering more or more flowers or ‘pushpanjali’ to the idols of the gods and goddesses in our household, so as to enhance the flow of such energy . During the various in-house or communities festival pujas like Ganapati Utsava or Durgotsava, on each and every day of the festival, fresh flowers in abundant supply, along with Tulsi leaves, Bel leaves, Dhubba, marigold flowers, red hibiscus flowers in loose form or Garlanded forms are used to pay obeisance to the lord, gods and goddesses during the festivals. Even the disposal of the ‘Nirmalaya’, left over flowers, garlands etc have to be submerged in water bodies as they have been used in the various puja rituals.

People lay great emphasis on the keeping of the flowers and leaves, taken from the feet of the gods and goddesses and keeping with them as a means of ‘warding off evil’ from their lives. During the festivals days, people also decorate their houses, homes, venues, marriage halls, function halls etc with ‘flower and leaves Torans’, garlands, bouquets, bandhanwar and even flower ornaments are the rage during some festivals in particular parts of India especially in the east. Along with the flowers, incense sticks-small and very big and thick made to last for 8 hours or more are used, Lobaan for cleansing the atmosphere of all insects and pests as well as in the religious rituals such as ‘Dhunchi Nritya’- performed during the Durga Puja festivals, dhoop sticks, circular ‘boat shaped masala dry lobaan’ that is the rage in south Indian temples are now used throughout the households in the country. Even ‘Amra Pallav’ or mango leaves are used to lay the most important item before any puja starts i.e. the ‘ghatasthapana’ or the establishing of the main ghat or container made of bronze or zinc that is laid at the top with ‘Amrapallavsmeared with holy vermilion’ along with a raw green coconut with long stem jutting out’ with a vermilion ‘Swastik’ mark made by the panditji on the wall of the bronze ghatam or container. All these rituals performed since time immemorial serves to purify the atmosphere of all ‘evils’, ‘negative influences’ with ‘positive flow of energy, zeal and enthusiasm’, throughout the house or workplace or establishment.

Water, also happens to be a very important ingredient of positive energy entry into a household, albeit in a very natural and subtle manner, as the sound of the flow of water signifies the ‘calmness, peace and tranquility’ of life and positive energy flowing in the hearts & the minds of the people and of course, the surrounding atmosphere and the environment all around us. Right from the Greco -Roman times of world history and the Pre-Vedic Civilization of Harappa, Lothal and Mohan-Jo-Daro; fountains and free-flowing water drainage systems or drains were constructed, to bring in more positive energy in the houses, worshiping places, prayer places and other places where people congregate in large numbers to participate in ceremonies or get-together, for some events. Construction of water supply mechanism in individual houses or homes for consumption and for the spread of positive energy, has been the tradition, right from the ancient historic times of world history to the present times of urban and rural habitation habits, where water happens to be a very important part and parcel of everyday life of any human being, for multipurpose utilities at home, offices, establishments etc. Water helps in the spread of ‘positivity, hale and heartiness’ among the human beings.

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