4. How Is The Saral Vaastu Concept Utilized For The General Good?

There are so many so called “Experts in Vaastu Shastra” floating in and around who virtually compel their clients to spend a bomb or a huge sum of money, in order to treat and correct the Vaastu Dosha or Vaastu Flaws in their residential / working places. When even after spending such a huge amount of money, time and energy people are unable to get the desired results, they feel frustrated and cheated. In these turbulent times, C G Parivaar comes as a ‘whiff of fresh air’ and a ‘ray of hope’ to dispel the darkness of the so called smooth operators, whose only concern seems to be minding their own profit. Our real easy, smooth and flawless simple, scientific solutions of Saral Vaastu offered for the common good of the mass of humanity, gives ample time, matter and space for the householder to verity the credibility of our organization.

First of all, an aggrieved person has to contact us by calling our office at least one week in advance before the actual Vaastu visit to their home/workplace to materialize. Once the appointment is fixed, our organization will arrange for a visit, by Guruji’s disciple who would be a knowledgeable Vaastu expert to your house/workplace/establishment as per your suitability and need. Before the expert comes visiting, you can in the meantime gain enough knowledge about the Science of Saral Vaastu and its simple, scientific solutions application by visiting our operational website – www.saralvaastu.com. You can also have a live chat with our representative online. We are sure all your concerns would be addressed when after going through our official website; our expert visits your home/establishment for application of the Saral Vaastu concepts.

At the onset, before our Saral Vaastu expert starts working, the House Plan or ‘Naksha’ would be needed for the preliminary examination of the establishment. Then if you or the householder does not have in possession, the official House Plan due to various reasons, there is no reason for despair. Even if you stay in a rented place or somebody else’s place that is not your own, then too if you do not have the House Plan, our expert will prepare a plan, then and there, according to the exact specifications after going through the physical examination of the house/workplace/establishment. Our Saral Vaastu expert will then gather the family members data or your partner’s data in case of an establishment, mainly comprising of their respective Date of Birth etc, analyze the data and the house plan thus coming to the part of making exact predictions about the problems faced by the householder and the family members. We can definitely claim that you and your family members will be awestruck and amazed by the exact accuracy of his predictions that would be totally scientific, simple and logical based on accuracy. A definite ‘belief’ will slowly and steadily build up within you and you will have ‘utmost trust’ in our Saral Vaastu concepts and ready to follow the methodology in order to mitigate every family member’s personal problems as well as common problems affecting the whole family. Your total submission to the application of Saral Vaastu concepts will motivate you to go in for full consultancy at your discretion, in order to remove the problems forever and come out of these innumerable problems and issues affecting the whole family.

In the ‘full consultancy’ area, you will be provided with individual room wise suggestions and how that particular room is ‘favorable’ or ‘unfavorable’ to the individuals utilizing that particular room, based on their favorable and unfavorable directions as well as their favorable colors, favorable numbers and their best directions for sleeping and working etc. Subsequently ‘favorable’ and ‘unfavorable’ Directions for each and every possible family issue and happenings like Marriage, Health, Wealth etc, would be disclosed by our expert. Thereafter proper ‘Remedial Solutions’ suited to each problem facing the individual member would be provided so that all the ‘Defects’ are cleared from the roots. Each individual member of the family will get individual consultancy based on his/her needs and requirements, right from children, young ,middle aged and old family members included.

It is only after the ‘Full Implementation’ of Saral Vaastu suggested principles as recommended by our Saral Vaastu experts and due ‘ensuring’ that they are indeed being implemented as suggested ; constant monitoring with full complimentary visit, fine-tuned with ‘fixed monthly calls’, would take place to make sure of the development of progress being made gradually and ensuring its efficacy.

Guruji’s personal initiative and our organization’s initiative will definitely ensure that you and your family members are able to get the desired positive results as we certainly value the ‘hard –earned money’ of yours along with the immense faith that you have reposed in us. In totality peace, tranquility, happiness and prosperity should have an everlasting place, in your house /establishment.

It’s always been the earnest desire of our Dr. Sri Chandrashekhar Guruji and our own C G Parivar that every human being, irrespective of any discrimination, should enjoy the fruits of Saral Vaastu in his / her life to usher in all the happiness, prosperity, peace and tranquility that everybody desires to have in the world and aspires to achieve throughout his lifetime.

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