9. Location of The Main Door & The Importance of Its Direction

It is a commonly accepted fact among people who are purchasing new property for living or plan to invest in one, to insist on the builder/developer/broker, to provide them with a property, facing either north or east direction. Similarly people who have their own plots and plan to construct a new house, due to reasons best known to them, insist on getting it constructed either in the north or east, facing direction. The question that arises is, why this insistence on having a north or east facing frontage direction and is the north or the east facing direction obsession, really that important. It is a fact that all of us know of Families – joint or nuclear, who live in homes facing westward or southward but have progressed or are prospering in spite of living in these kinds of homes or houses.

Its been observed that in cases pertaining to this kind of discrepancy, the most symbolic one I remember is that of a father, whose family prospered living in a particular house for years, bringing up his children, seeing them growing up in prosperity and richness, giving them the best things that life can offer. However when the son gets ready to take up the mantle of being the breadwinner and the head of the family business, in spite of being in the same house, the son fails to prosper and suffers heavy losses in the business . Now this kind of a ‘weird’ case of Vaastu asymmetry is very hard to explain, in relation to the position of the ‘Main Door’ of the house. How come the Main Door be the culprit here?

Once I was giving a talk in the Hubli Chamber of Commerce and Industry institute, where Mr. Madan Desai, who was the Chief Guest at the function, asked me a very significant question, which goes as follows –

A building in Mumbai has altogether 21 floors. The apartments on the 13 and 14 floors, have been built as per Vaastu principles. However, while an individual who stays on the 13 floor, has access to all the luxuries of life and so much wealth overflowing, that he does not know where to store this wealth; the other individual staying on the 14 floor, has faced all kinds of losses and is on the verge of bankruptcy. Then what could be the possible reason for this kind of ‘big and weird discrepancy.’

Now this being a very relevant question let me try and give a satisfactory answer for this. It is proved beyond doubt that it is a ‘myth’ that only the north and the east directions are the best. Based on the Date of Birth of a person, the favorable directions suitable for that person are decided. Each person has got four suitably ‘auspicious’ directions and four ‘inauspicious ‘ones. If either the north or the east suits a person, then it is possible to derive prosperity from houses or establishments, facing these directions. On the contrary, if these directions do not favor a particular person or an individual, then there is every chance that the person may lose everything while living, in such a house. The reason that I am trying to ’emphasize’ and share this example, is to illustrate to people that they should not waste their money and resources on modifying or renovating ready constructed flats . Let me give a ‘very real example’ of this nature. Noted actor, film producer and director of Kannada films industry, who got himself a new house constructed in Mysore, following rigorous Vaastu consultation, from an expert from Andhra Pradesh. He was advised to construct his house, with the Main Door facing the North direction and to follow similar other Vaastu rules, by the so called ‘pseudo Vaastu expert’. After staying in this’ Vaastu treated house’, he faced huge loss of fame and name apart from suffering huge financial losses. So the natural question arises – what was the reason behind his fate’s debacle.

As explained earlier, every individual has four favorable and four unfavorable directions based on His Date of Birth. But unfortunately for Sri M. P. Shankar, the direction north was his first unfavorable direction, as per his Date of Birth. This bought his downfall and ultimately resulted in the ‘Sale’ of his new house. Incidentally when Mr. Shankar was introduced by a friend to Guruji, who visited his house and suggested changes in the ‘Vaastu- Plan ‘of his ‘newly purchased another house.’

Within a very short time of his adopting Saral Vaastu Principles, he was able to regain Fame and overcome his financial troubles of the past. The ‘icing on the cake moment ‘ of his life came when he went on to win the prestigious – DR. RAJ AWARD, for his cinematic achievements and became famous.

This example of Sri M. P. Shankar, I have given in order to highlight an important issue and since he is a very reputed and famous personality of Karnataka, I took his case to emphasize my point of view. Just for the heck of saving grace in the name of Vaastu Shastra, there is no reason for spending needlessly an extravagant amount of money, for eg. lacs of rupees on needless expenditure, this is my sole concern. The next time when I was there in Shankar’s city for delivering talks and lectures, I phoned him to inquire about the developments on his vocational and home front and was highly elated to know that he was having the best of his life as there was peace and tranquility at home and each of his nagging problems was solved for good, as well as his professional life was looking good ahead.

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