6. The Cycle Of Life and Death Relationship With Saral Vaastu

Vaastu as a science is followed in different countries like India, China, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, in different forms since times immemorial for e.g Feng Shui etc. Vaastu related literature or knowledge material too, differs from country to country. In India, it differs from state to state. But the common catalyst in all these Vaastu observations from different states, emphasizes on the Importance laid on house, establishment or workplace. Most of the Vaastu literature mentions that if the Vaastu positioning of an individual’s house is not good or up to the mark as according to the Vaastu principles, it could ultimately, eventually lead to the death of the householder.

The cycle of life and death

Birth and Death are not in one’s hand. It is said that the Almighty holds the key to our life and death. It is a fact that every living thing born on this earth will perish one day, at the end of its life span or abruptly in between, due to any accident, mishap or due to the fragile condition of the mind and the body. It is already per-destined that a human living being born on this earth, will die one day. Nobody is immortal, in this world. Every mortal human being will meet his / her end one day. The Fear of Death is a reality that we cannot escape from. It is a Universal Truth or ‘Sashwat Reality’. Taking advantage of this truth and depending upon the situation, many so called ‘Vaastu scholars’ and experts, have generated this kind of ‘Fear Psychosis’ among the people that if they don’t listen to these experts and apply their devices, the most vulnerable breadwinner or the head of the family will die, untimely and suddenly. These unscrupulous fly-bynight smooth operators of Vaastu, try to make a fast buck, by acting on the ‘Fear factor of Death’ that everybody would be so obviously worried about, every time they think of it. In fact & in reality, Vaastu has nothing to do with the cycle of life and death and definitely has got no hand in the ‘death’ of any individual, nor is it instrumental in the ‘birth’ of any individual, just even remotely. These people have even propagated the false notion that if the Main door is not in the middle of the house, that it may lead to the death & destruction of all the family members or the householder, of the household. Similarly it is a fact that nobody knows at what exact time, day or date one or the other member/s of the family, would die. In today’s rational world, prophecy and hearsay, doesn’t work at all.

I would like to remove the misconception that Vaastu or your house or place of stay, may be the reason of your death. Just like the human beings do not have the power to know their life and death cycle and their family members, similarly one’s house or Vaastu can’t be the reason of one’s life or death. I would like to tell you with surety, that Vaastu makes you live in a Vaastu certified House till Death, but Vaastu definitely can never be the cause of death of anybody. Vaastu Shastra is the art of making your environment clean and fruitful for you to live your life in harmony and contentment. It is my request to you not to get confused by these types of distorted truth declared by ambiguous elements and so called experts.

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