10. The Impact Of Having Toilets, Bathrooms & Utilities Room In The North-East & It’s Importance In The World Of Vaastu Science

Most of the available literature on Vaastu, overemphasizes on the insistence of the toilet not to be located in the North-east direction of the house. Many householders have removed such toilets if they happen to fall in the north – east direction. This may be possible in a bungalow or free hold property, but may not be physically possible in an apartment, flat, condominium etc. in cosmopolitan and metropolitan cities. In traditional homes and in ancestral properties, we find the toilets and washrooms already situated out of the main house or establishment, where this kind of defect in Vaastu, does not arise at all. What is the ‘Fear Factor’ behind this ‘North-east’ direction facing toilet and bathrooms. People seem to be seriously taking to this phobia and getting confused in the bargain.

Let us try to get a clear understanding on this issue. The archaic and old – beliefs do not conform to the present age necessities. Saral Vaastu believes in being practical and realistic, while also being rational. It has got reasons to believe that the presence of toilets and washrooms in the north-east direction, will not bring bad luck or curse on everyone, as this belief has become quiet outdated now. In this regard, we have to remember and recollect what I have told everybody with regards to the fact of every individual having four auspicious and four inauspicious directions, based on the Date of Birth of that particular person, that affects the Vaastu stature of that person with regards to any structure.

Let me elaborate more about this. As explained above, if the North-east direction comes under the category of unfavorable or inauspicious directions related to a particular person, then it is worth believing that the presence of a toilet in the North-east direction, will not make an impact on him, under any circumstances. To buttress the point, let me give you all my anecdote about my own house in Navi Mumbai where I live, that has got a toilet in the north-east direction. I can assure and reassure you that it has brought me nothing, but prosperity, name and fame worldwide. As in my case, according to my Date of Birth, South-east is my best and favorable direction. The North is one of the favorable directions and this house in Mumbai that I have, faces North. I am aware that the North-east is not my favorable direction as also, the toilet is placed in an unfavorable direction. The North-east toilet has never caused me any problems, neither for my family members, nor for me.

In turn, I have been rewarded with numerous national and international level awards for due recognition of my Saral Vaastu theory propagation, while staying in the same house since the year 2000.

On the other side, if the north-east happened to be one of the auspicious and favorable directions for a person, then the presence of a toilet or washroom in that direction, is not good. In such cases, it may lead to some problems, but certainly ‘not the death’ of the individual living in that house. The correct remedy would be to remove the toilet altogether and use it as a ‘kind of storeroom’. The main harm would be caused by the ‘free flow of negative energy’ due to its abundant generation in the toilet. While another way of preventing the generation of negative energy for such a toilet would be to stop using it completely. The results, definitely favorable, would be discernible in no time at all. In this way, we are finding new ways to reduce negative energy in the house. Keeping ‘common salt’ in the toilet or even a ‘plant’ can reduce the negative energy. Moreover, we should always keep the toilet door closed, even when the toilet is not in use, as it will help prevent the escape of negative energy.

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