3. A Scientific Analysis of Saral Vaastu Shastra

On the onset, it must be absolutely made clear that Vaastu is not a superstitious idea or some vague notion or practice. It has a sound scientific base whose legacy dates to thousands of years, since the Vedic Civilization times. Saral Vaastu is an easy to follow art of leading a successful and peaceful life, in harmony with nature. It has strong bonds with nature that can lead to having the best impact and effect on life. As we are well aware that Nature or the Environment around us, is full of energy. This Energy can be further classified into positive and negative energy. Saral Vaastu advocates the practice of reducing or doing away completely with the effect of negative energy and in turn, spreading positive energy all around.

In order to let the positive energy seep in the household and in the family, simple, easy-to-adopt, utterly suitable modifications and changes, are advised as per Saral Vaastu. A house or home, where such changes have been made, leads to good health, wealth and a peaceful life to its inhabitants. The following examples, illustrate the impact of energy in a house / home or workplace.

Example No. 1 –

It has been observed that sometimes when you take your child to a party or a gathering, the child remains quiet and well mannered, but when the child returns home, becomes cranky and starts to cry, wailing incessantly without stopping. Then as parents, when everything to pacify the child fails, you remember the age old remedy used by our grandmothers and ancestors. Immediately, either the elders of the house or the parents take a fistful of common salt and rotate it thrice in a circular motion, around the child, then throwing the rotated salt into the kitchen fire or into water. The child, either by providence or magic, immediately ceases crying. This custom and practice is being followed commonly in India, throughout.

Now the greater question is, why did the child started crying in the first place and why it did not affect the elders who had been to the gathering, but only the child? Why was a ‘fistful of salt’ taken and not chickpeas or pigeon peas or for that matter any kind of food grain? Also a queer thing was that, why did the elders hide the salt after waving it around the child and not showing it to others? Further why was it put into fire and not thrown into a dustbin? No effort has been made till today to do research and find out the possible answers to these questions, as the purpose behind the act, has been achieved and served successfully.

However let me rationally, explain the reasons behind the acts. As evident every place has a flow of positive and negative energies. A crowded place will be full of negative energy as it develops at the venue itself, where the party or gathering is going on, in full swing. When a child is taken to such a place, it will tolerate the negative energy for some time, but sooner or later start crying. Elders at the same place, with their greater resistance levels, brave the negative energy well, but they too get exhausted with prolonged and extended exposure. The reason why salt is thrown into the fire because the negative energy around the child, is absorbed by the common salt. But the salt is then thrown into the fire so that the negative energy does not spread from the child to the adults and to the others in the vicinity.

Example No. 2 –

Everyone visits or goes for a pilgrimage to various holy places of worship, making a visit to at least one holy place, once a year, mandatory. People invariably go to such places for some quiet relaxation, peace of mind and tranquility. A meditating session to achieve the feeling of eternal bliss and peace within oneself may also happen, at such a peaceful place of worship. But isn’t it confusing that we don’t get the same peace of mind at home. Why at a place of worship we get the bliss of being one with the lord or attain the peace of mind but at home we don’t get any? Is it the place, or God or something else? Let us now examine this issue, from the angle of Saral Vaastu.

Temples, mosques, Gurudwaras etc. often have taps or water flowing channels, where the worshipers clean their hand, foot and mouth as well as cleanse themselves fully, according to the tenets of the religion they follow; before entering the place of worship. Water is seen as a purifying agent, capable of cleansing the negative energy in and around the human body. As the worshipers move towards the sanctum sanctorum or the ‘garba-griha’ or main altar of the holy place, the sound of the bells, cymbals, drums, gongs etc creates sound waves which nullifies the negative energy that surrounds the place or worship or the garba–griha. Similarly the playing of an organ in the church or the ringing of the tower bell atop the cathedral, creates the same affect. Subsequently the ‘Pushpanjali’ and ‘Aarti’ shows the removal of all the negative energy in the temple, ensuring the spread of positive energy all around. This results in getting definitely the blissful state of peace of mind that everybody desires, but a very few are able to get, in reality.

Atmosphere Creation or creating the right kind of ambiance is very essential for attaining the internal bliss or peace of mind. Every person can experience this. Imagine a situation, when there were no water taps or water source to clean our hands and feet, no bells to ring, no flowers to offer, no lamps to be lit, no ‘Aarti’ to be performed, no ‘karpoor’ or camphor to be lit in the temples, then definitely the cumulative ‘Negative energy’ would increase in that very space and flow all around. Sooner or later, the devotees would not feel like visiting the temple at all. Therefore by creating an ambiance conducive for worshiping, filled-up with the fragrance of incense sticks, camphor, candles, ‘Diyas’ and all the required religious ritual paraphernalia, that makes up a holy place, i.e. the right environment and atmosphere is created that enables one to have a free flow of positive energy, thus bringing the much needed peace of mind and tranquility, for the soul. Similarly a positively charged environment can be created at home, where one can experience peace of mind by practicing the simple principles of Saral Vaastu & by implementing its simple, scientific solutions in our homes, workplaces and establishments.

Here, I would like to quote an example from an incident that happened, while I was delivering a lecture talk, in a seminar on Saral Vaastu. A ‘Muslim gentleman’, from among the audience stood up and asked, “Guruji, Hindus have a tradition of ringing bells and cymbals in temples and places of worship, whereas Muslims are not allowed to use bells, drums, cymbals or any other kind of musical instruments in the mosques as playing any kind of music or singing etc. is not permitted under Islam, as it goes against their established tenets of religion. My answer to this question was simple; Muslims too go into the mosque but before entering the main prayer hall do ‘Vajoo’ i.e. the ceremonial cleaning of their hands, feet and faces. In this way, the Muslims ceremoniously cleanse themselves, bringing in the much needed positive energy and vibe, before they perform the ‘Namaaz’, that gives more positive vibes and energy, all around. Before the commencement of the five times ‘Namaaz’ daily, the ‘maulvi’ or religious head of the mosque, sings and re-sings the ‘Azaan’ in a high-pitched voice, so as to call the faithful for the prayers and even during the offering of the Namaaz, the loud resonance of the sound “Allah hu Akbar” (God is great) reverberates through the fore- walls of the mosque, causing enough sound wave and vibration to be created, so as to result in abundant positive energy flow that mingles with the flow of the ‘positive prayers’ of the masses assembled in the mosque, further compounding the overall ‘positive effect’.

The same example can be substituted for the Christians and their cathedrals & churches, where the bells are tolled and rung before the prayers and the mass. Even inside the church, candles are lit and displayed on the altar, while flowers and wreaths being offered to the idols of Jesus, holy Mary and the Child, incense sticks being lit etc, so as to create a positive energy filled environment and religious ambiance at home. According to Saral Vaastu, clapping is another best example of enhancing positive energy. For example when we do ‘Aarti of Lord Ganesh’ and do clapping while singing the famous hymn- ‘Dukhkarta, Sukhkarta, Vata Vidnachi………………!, or when watching a circus performance or any live cultural event or sports event, we clap loudly to applaud the performers or sportsmen but if we clap for a longer time, it encourages the performers or players to perform better. So what is the Science behind this? When we clap, for a longer time, it encourages the performers or players to perform better. So what is the Science behind this? When we clap, the sound removes the negative energy from that place. When negative energy disappears, the entire environment is filled up with the combined staccato sound of clapping that denotes more positive energy being filled up in the whole environment. It activates the ‘Seven Chakras’ in a performer’s body and encouraged by the encore of positivity, the performer or the player will be enthused and encouraged to perform all the more better and get more applause in the bargain. It is a kind of ‘Aphrodisiac’ for the brain.

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