7. Saral Vaastu Application – Ownership or Rented Properties Both!

A very common question asked by many people on Vaastu, that awakens their curiosity; I would like to emphasize here.

Any person who lives in a rented property or conducts business in or from a rented property, doesn’t he stand a chance of doing well in his business or living a happy and prosperous life in his rented home?

Then there is another angle to this situation; have people not prospered who do not own a house or live in rented properties, throughout their lives.

Taking the suitable example of a cosmopolitan city like Mumbai where people from all over the country and even from all over the world, migrate for employment or other reasons from their villages or countries, they do not immediately have access to a house as it is highly impossible for them to buy a house immediately. They invariably look for rented properties and slowly build up reserves to buy themselves a house. Many people have prospered living in rented accommodation.

Once in Belgaum (Karnataka), an elderly gentleman came to consult me on some Vaastu related defects and issues in his house. He had rented out his ground floor and was living on the first floor. He wanted to know whether he had to look at the Vaastu solution for the entire building or that of the first floor where he was staying. I advised him that since the ground floor has been leased out, the Vaastu defect in that portion of the property, would have an impact on the person’s life and property who had taken it on lease rent, even though he is the actual owner of the premises. Since the first floor was where, the owner was inhabiting along with his family and using it for personal use; he would benefit by getting the vaastu defects rectified only in that particular part of the house. Moreover, if the Vaastu of the ground floor, determined by the Date of Birth of the head of the family, is found to be suitable and favorable for the person staying on lease, it would definitely bring prosperity and riches to his family. The owner incidentally mentioned to me that the family, that had leased his ground floor were ordinary people when they came in to stay there, but slowly acquired wealth and prosperity and now owned many cars moving around in them, while he himself was still making to do with his old bicycle. This narration proved to be an ‘eye-opener’ for everybody.


So, whether a house is owned or rented, it is the overall environment prevailing in the house or establishment, that matters and leads to prosperity. I have personally come across people, mentioning their wives name as the owner of the property and hence the Vaastu defect correction has been done as per the wife’s Date of Birth. This kind of ‘dichotomy’ raises another vital question – “If the Vaastu of the house suits only the registered owner’s name then what would be the status of the husband, children or dependent parents or extended family members staying in the same house?” Hence it is very essential that the Vaastu of the house should be set according to the “Bread-Earner” of the household. It has to suit all those who live in it but dependent upon the bread-earner’s finances. It goes without saying that it can be applied to both ‘owned’ and ‘rented properties’.

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