22. The Golden Beginning Of A Woman’s Married Life & It’s Connectivity With Saral Vaastu

It has been customary in our Indian customs and traditions that has been meticulously followed and accepted by the majority of the people in our country, is to make the prospective bride sit in a position ensuring that she faces either the North or the East, while being presented for the first time in front of the prospective groom and his family members, for the pending matrimonial alliance.

This has been the accepted norm as mentioned, in majority of the Vastu Shastra related books as also the numerous Vaastu pundits who have followed it up rigidly, in their Vaastu defects removal advises given to their respective clients who have marriageable sons and daughters at home.

Beginning of married life

However, a very important point we have to keep in mind is that the individual favorable directions, varies from one person to another, depending upon of course, the individual Date of Birth. Therefore there may be exceptional cases in where, both the North and the East may fall under the category of unfavorable directions, of the bride. This may result in Delayed Marriage causing anxiety and concern among the parents of the bride as well as other relatives. The same could also be true for the Groom as well. It is but natural that the problems in fixing up the marriage proposal not culminating exactly as desired in marriage alliances, will cause disturbances and agony among the relatives and acquaintances of both the partners involved in the alliance. Additionally, if there is a problem in the relationship place or position in the house, it is also possible for the marriage to get postponed unnecessarily. All these and other myriad problems may also cause the alliance to break apart, even in the final stages. Under these extraordinary circumstances, only Saral Vaastu can provide genuine and logical solutions in order to mitigate any kind of suffering on account of non-culminating marriage alliances between the bride and the groom as well as cementing ties between the involved families.

Here I would like to give a very enlight- ening example regarding this. Once it so happened that our Saral Vaastu expert visited an elderly; both in age and stature person’shome, near the ankeshwar town in Karnataka. The head of the family or the householder, invited the Saral Vaastu experts inside his household. When our Saral Vaastu experts visited his house,they were able to identify the problems associated with the ‘relationship place or position’ in the household that was amply evident in the form of disharmonious relationship between the relatives and all their related ones. To top it all the marriageable bride (girl) in the house was not getting married despite the repeated efforts made by the entire household and relatives, in presenting the girl repeatedly for ‘observing of the bride’ before prospective bridegrooms and their families, but alas not meeting with any real success. When the experts wanted to find out the exact reason behind this, by verifying the Date of Birth of the marriageable girl; they came to the ultimate conclusion that both the North and the East directions were totally unfavorable to the prospective bride esp. for her getting married.

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