25. Importance of Vaastu Science in India , From Times Immemorial- an Analysis

I have been doing research in Vaastu literature available in several Indian languages & scripts throughout India, across all states. Vaastu Experts from every state in India have mentioned in their Vaastu Books & manuscripts, that our country’s India’s geographical location is not up to the mark and is totally unsuitable from the Vaastu point of view. I have been constantly debating and analyzing this issue and have come to the conclusion believing firmly and strongly, that India’s Vaastu is perfect, without fail. From the whole country if I remain the only citizen to feel proud of the country then be it, as an engineer, as a Saral Vaastu expert or a person representing the Vaastu Shastra certified Saral Vaastu concepts, then even if I am alone in my thinking and acceptance, it would have no effect on my belief in the concepts and principles of Saral Vaastu, based on the ancient Indian Vaastu Shastra.

The self styled, so called ‘psuedo Vaastu experts’ who have propagated the notion that Indian Vaastu is not based on the tenets or principles of Vaastu Shastra as written in these ancient books; for this end they are giving these following reasons, in support of their propositions:-

  1. It is believed that the North-East part of any country should not be higher than the other parts of the directions. As the Himalayas are situated in the North-east part of our country and at a relatively higher ground, therefore the mountain range is at a relatively higher ground as compared to the plains.
  2. The breaking down of the the North Eastern part.
  3. The Southern part, should not have water.
  4. The extension towards the southern part should not be decreased.

According to these experts, since these situations do not fall in line with the principles of Vaastu, the country throughout will remain plagued by, suffering spread of epidemics and pandemic, every now and then, clashes occurring intermittently, scores of people dying needlessly without fail, communal clashes, internal clashes within households and extended families and various other mishaps and mis-happenings that would adversely affect the progress and development of the whole country. The experts cite the written matter in the various Vaastu Shastra books as also the opinion of the so called Vaastu pundits, based on these ‘ambiguous and perplexing’ theories given in the Vaastu Shastra books. Based on these conclusions I wish to call upon the Vaastu pundits, experts and those who advocate referring to the Vaastu Shastra books every now and then; to answer my few queries.

  1. Hasn’t India been a country of immense richness and prosperity, being called a ‘Golden Sparrow’ and a ‘Land of milk and honey’, filled with tremendous resources of all kind, that no country could ever have?
  2. Isn’t it a historical fact that from centuries foreign invaders like Nadir Shah, Ahmed Shah Abdali etc have been invading India, in order to plunder its riches and take it back to their own country?
  3. In ancient India, there used to be a kingdom in Karnataka’s Hansi kingdom, better known as the famed Vijayanagara Kingdom of South India, where gold and precious gems, jewelleries, diamonds, maniks etc., used to be weighed like food grains and sold on the open road outside. The people living in this kingdom had access to gold, precious stones etc like we have access to food stuffs in the shops. Isn’t this true and what does it do to prove about the people of ancient India?
  4. Isn’t it true that the British first came to India as traders with the objective of first trading in spices etc, but later they made us all their slaves looting the abundant wealth of the whole country but still leaving us with enough to have lasted, even up to now?
  5. In 1947, India gained independence along with Pakistan, becoming independent nations individually; having passed 65 years of independence, at which position have we reached. Do I need to tell you which country out of the two, has made it bigger and made its mark in every sphere?
  6. When in the Pokhran desert, the atomic bomb explosion test was conducted, the powerful and rich nations boycotted us, enforcing an embargo against India. Did it really affect India. Later on they themselves unconditionally revoked the ban, observing the self progress made by India in harnessing nuclear energy for peaceful purposes? Don’t all of us know that?
  7. Isn’t India among the six major nuclear powers, of the world?
  8. Don’t you know that India is the only country in the world that has undertaken 60,000 crores worth of road work at one time.
  9. Vehicles, like Mercedes Benz, Ford, Honda, Lexus and other brands of cars, were not available in India but now not only are they available locally in India but also being exported from production hubs in India ?
  10. A recent survey indicates that the maximum number of engineers, doctors, scientists and management specialists in the whole world, are of Indian origin and roots, far outnumbering the people of other nationalities and the services provided by these dominating in numbers Indians are by far, the most superior to that of the others; as their work quality evidently too, is far superior than that of other nationalities. Do you know and accept this fact ?

I hope all the above mentioned points prove definitely, that India is perfect and above board as per my “Saral Vaastu concepts”, that clearly shows the evidence of Vaastu Shastra in India since a long time back and now can be applied to any house or any business venture or any village or any taluka, any state or any city, or for that matter throughout the country. All this strengthens my resolve to declare proudly that within 2020, India will be the only Super Power.
left in the world.

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